Storytime Log

October 1, 1998, was ChaoticMUX's second birthday. Among other things, including a scavenger hunt, there was a gathering at the Great Tree where players told stories of times past, and others listened, some with comments of their own. Here, for your viewing pleasure, we present to you an edited log of this entertaining occurrence. (Sorry, but if you want spam, you'll have to get it on the side with the unedited text version.)

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Green eggs and staff members... or lack thereof?

-- Thu Oct 1 21:24:24 1998
Kareila says "all right, everyone get cozy :)"
sTiLe whips out a pair of bean bags and his cat and curls up
Announcement: Kareila shouts "Storytime is starting at the +gt... come when you want, leave when you want, tell stories if you want, I'm logging the whole thing :)"
sTiLe says "are we telling stories or NOT?"
Kareila says "who wants to go first?"
Alierak says "doofus, she said we are"
LITE oo oooo ooos :)
LITE will go :)
sTiLe says "litey said he had one"
LITE does!
Kareila calls on... the guy right behind LITE
LITE d'ohs!@
Kareila hehe
Kareila says "just kidding... go ahead :)"
LITE says "OK.. the story of how Bobby became the only nuked Staff.. added with a little typical pixie flavour"
LITE says "Once, long long ago, there was a silly pixie.. and his name was LITE."
sTiLe says "any resemblance to the silly pixie talking atm? :)"
LITE says "LITE liked to bound among the trees and be silly.. as pixies wont to do."
Kareila snickers
LITE says "One day.. the great goddess Kareila deemed an Easter Egg hunt to occur.."
LITE says "And so it was."

Kareila looks worshipful
LITE makes goddess like noises
LITE says "Everyone had a great time and had loads and loads of easter eggs to take home."
Zenty says "I had a whole 3! :)"
LITE says "But the eggs, as eggs wont to do, got old and boring.. and maybe even a little moldy."
hellspawn had 1. ;)
LITE says "stinky, even"
Zenty says "SO that's why my inventory became a bit stranged"
sTiLe had one that he turned into a viscious puppet
LITE says "And so the great admin Bobby decided to collect the old and stinky eggs and put him in a room."
LITE says "and them"
Zenty says "WHoa, bobby collecected eggs and SHOVED himself in a room!"
Kareila says "so then what happened, LITE?"
LITE says "He asked for the great gods.. known only as the ChaoticMUX Wizards to get rid of the stinky eggs.. and so LITE, the silly pixie decided to do so."
LITE says "Using the great lcon() spell.. he nuked all the eggs in the room."
LITE says "Unfortunately, LITE did not check to see if his lcon() spell would destroy anyone in the room with the eggs.."

Zenty says "and any leftover staff"
sTiLe says "oops."
Alierak snickers
LITE says "So it was that in a FIERY mass of explosions and stinky egg bits, Bobby found himself suddenly without form."
LITE says "Emberassed.. and a little upset.. the pixie BEGGED Alierak to create an Alternate Chaotic.. one where Bobby was still with us. And so it was."

sTiLe says "ZOT. :)"
Alierak says "LITE was like, omigosh, I killed Bobby! What do I do???"
LITE says "And LITE thusly did take the alternate bobby and bring him to this world. And so endeth the lesson."
Kareila says "The moral of the story is: Never put all your eggs in one basket?"
LITE says "The moral of the story is.. always check to make sure people aren't in the rooms yer destroying. Amen, brother pixie"
Alierak says "no, that's 'never nuke all your eggs with one command'"
sTiLe says "and then get int he basket while you're holding it, thereby wedgying yourself?"
hellspawn says "No... never put Bobby in the basket with the eggs. ;)"

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Who's who in the old switcheroo?

sTiLe says "so, hs, zenty, you gots a story?"
sTiLe says "go ahead w/the story, hs/zenty"
hellspawn says "Anyway, it all started almost a year ago... Halloween of last year, actually."
hellspawn says "Everyone (I hope) remembers the costume contest that was going on..."
LITE says "Yeah... not bad.. coulda been better"
hellspawn says "I still say me 'n' Zenty shoulda won."
LITE laffs. oh yesh!
sTiLe nods
hellspawn grinz...
Zenty nods
Kareila says "what were you guys wearing?"
sTiLe says "probably eachother's names?"
hellspawn says "Well, it was fun, 'cuz the whole night, Zenty was me, and I was him."
Zenty says "Whoa, sTiLe typse fast"
hellspawn says "And descs, and even random comtitles, sTiLe. ;)"
Kareila says "I don't think I ever knew that, hellsie"
sTiLe wonders why hs and zenty didn't log in as eachother instead :)
Zenty says "too easy :P"
hellspawn actually thinks we did for a few minutes... ;)
LITE hmms..
LITE says "Wasn't it halloween someone logged on as helios? or was it freakofna?"
sTiLe says "so was that the story, hs?"
hellspawn says "Zenty's supposed to be helpin. ;P"
Zenty snickers
Zenty gots his own story :P
hellspawn says "Well, anyway, we had people fooled for the longest time... It was neat. ;)"
Kareila says "I was sure fooled :)"
LITE me toos.
hellspawn grinz...
hellspawn says "That's why we shoulda won. ;)"

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The lemming who fell... upwards.

Kareila says "stile, your turn :)"
sTiLe nods, ok
sTiLe says "I think it was after Random's trial?"
hellspawn says "Trial?"
Zenty says "Whoa, random trials!"
LITE randomly finds Zenty guilty
sTiLe says "kar, when was it that I was wizzified?"
Zenty is innocent DANG IT
Kareila says "after Scythe's trial."
sTiLe says "ok"
Zenty says "sTiLe, your a wiz?"
Zenty gasps in shock
LITE laffs
hellspawn says "He likes to think he is."
Alierak says "random trials: pickrand(guilty/not guilty/hung jury/mistrial)"
sTiLe says "So this is right after Scythe was tried for spamming tesla (and viceyversa).. Well, I have to go back a ways for this one."
Alierak says "er, ,/"
LITE notes to Alierak.. that's what they did with OJ
sTiLe says "When I first came here, I started building an area called the capture the flag area. It was cool, it was a full fledged capture the flag game. Everyone liked it. At one point, Enigma came by."
Kareila says "He didn't @Nuke the thing?"
sTiLe says "The big evil niggythingummy told me that I was creating fun, and that we couldn't have that, and that my punishment was Immortality"
Destiny says "now who is enigma?"
LITE says "Enigma is our god, Destiny"
Kareila says "Enigma's our pathetic excuse for a god"
Kareila says "lol"
hellspawn says "No, really?"
Regin chuckles.
sTiLe says "so later, I got upgraded to staff, because I asked.. then after that, I got a few extra powers, and needless to say, I kept moving up and up"
Kareila says "I thought your immortality was punishment for using the @clone bug to grab money, stile"
sTiLe wonders if anyone's listening
sTiLe says "n ono no"
LITE says "Yeah!"
Destiny is
Regin says "I'm listenign Stile"
Zenty says "Happy? :)"
sTiLe says "ok :)"
LITE says "it was! cause u pissed me off big!"
sTiLe says "anyway, So after the trial, I wandered off and afk'd for, oh, about 10 or 15 minutes... And when I came back, boy was I in for it."
Alierak nodnods
sTiLe says "I mean, all over the channel, all of the admins were just sitting there cussing me out, Telling me I better get my but over to the trial area, I was in big trouble mister, etc etc etc."
sTiLe says "I was, needless to say, freaked. :)"

LITE lafflaffs. We were evil!
sTiLe says "Rather, not freaked, but a bit piqued"
Kareila says "maybe it would be worth mentioning that you were the one in charge of security?"
Kareila says "and that you had previously hacked yourself into a royalty bit."
sTiLe says "so I wandered on over recalling the last few things I'd done trying to figure out what I had done wrong."

LITE says "it was Kareila and me giving u the big hard time, wasn't it stile?"
sTiLe says "Kareila and LITE started in on me.. and aldar and all the other staffs.. Telling me that ever since i'd gotten to the mux, I'd been stealing power. That I'd snuck under their noses and subverted them into liking me and giving me all SORTS of powers."
sTiLe says "I was laughing at first, but then I started to realize, WHOA, they're SERIOUS!"
sTiLe says "Finally kareila summed it all up by saying, "Well, this time, stile, you've gone TOO FAR!""

Zenty wonders if anyone's truly paying attention...
Destiny is
LITE is!
Kareila is :)
Regin says "I am."
Kareila says "this is what I did:"
Kamek ain't :P
Rachel is 2
Zenty says "Nuke him?? *BEGS*"
Kareila types ---> say hasflag(stile,wizard)
Kareila says "1"

Kareila says "and I let him figure it out :)"
sTiLe bites kar
Kareila grins
Zenty says "Did it take 3 or 4 decades?"
LITE says "No, stile was fairly bright back then ;)"
sTiLe says "Needless to say, they wizzed me and got me good for it :)"
sTiLe bites lite
LITE cries
hellspawn tosses sTiLe over a cliff.
sTiLe splats all over hs

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Proof that sometimes, you really can be anyone.

sTiLe says "Ok, zenty's up"
Zenty says "So, if stile was fairly birght back then... what happened?"
Kareila says "he got dim? :)"
LITE does dim.
LITE turns off.
Zenty says "Dang, LITE bulb went out"
LITE shorts out.
LITE says "Some better change me!"
LITE says "Someone too"
sTiLe sighs
Medwyn turns Lite on. =)
poohbear pulls out the baby powder
LITE woos!
Zenty says "LITE should remember this one"
Zenty says "I decided I wanted to prove to almost everyone on here that I could be fully different from the way I acted."
Zenty says "REmember, LITE, when I changed my name, and had it not been for the site even YOU Couldn't have seen me?"
LITE says "Yeah.. to FreakOfNa, wasn't it?"
LITE nearly nuked ya
Zenty bops LITE
Zenty says "I don't remember the name, but it was going from evil to purfectly good"
LITE says "oh! OH! Yeah!"
Zenty says "I fooled the whole mux into believing I was someone completly different"
LITE says "just after we started the labyrinth!"
Zenty nods
sTiLe has no remembery of this :)
hellspawn remembers dat...
Zenty grinz... And even though everyone that knew was attempting to give me away *GLARE HELLSPAWN* I still managed it
sTiLe says "done, zenty?"
Zenty says "See, So you can't say I'm fully bad :P"
LITE never did.
sTiLe says "just mostly ;)"

sTiLe says "Zenty used to be nice..."
sTiLe wonders what happens, to throw a line back ;)
Zenty shoves sTiLe up LITE's nose
sTiLe says "happened even"
LITE says "There's only one person I truly hate in my bones. And one person online I can't stand (Helios)"
sTiLe says "I rest my case ;)"
LITE snerks!!
Alierak says "cuz he hacked into LITE's account on chaotic"
LITE says "I know an old pixie who snerked up a stile. It's been a while since he snerked up a stile"
Alierak says "helios I mean"
sTiLe squeezes out
Zenty says "Yea, i'm done, unless ya'll want me to start going into how idiotic sTiLe can be :)"
sTiLe dies

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Folgers crystals don't quite suffice in place of wizbits.

Kareila says "gosh, does anyone want to tell THAT story tonight?"
LITE says "Which story? :)"
Zenty says "Anyone remember the time Kar blamed ChaoticMUX crashes on him? :P"
sTiLe says "what story, helios?"
Kareila says "helios"
LITE says "Helios?"
LITE ers.. if u want :) As a warning
Alierak says "everyone repeat after me, 'helios'."
Draziw says "noooooooooooooo"
sTiLe says "How about lite and I tell the April Fools Messup :)"
Kareila says "ok, stile :)"
LITE clapclapclaps
LITE says "First of all.. the idea was STILES!"
Kareila says "mmm hmm"
Kareila taps her foot and looks peeved ;)
LITE says "Ok.. so.. how many of you people here know the staff regularly plays pranks on each other?"
Alierak raises LITE's hand
poohbear raises his hand
LITE changes Alierak's colours
Alierak :)
Medwyn raises a hand. =)
LITE says "So.. it started with someone *AHEM* Toilet Papering the Meeting Room"
LITE says "Basically someone..."
LITE pokes stile, zlana and poohbear. Decided to tp the Meeting Room
LITE says "At first I didn't notice :) Then I did and I got upset :)"
LITE says "So.. I got back who I THOUGHT did it.. Aldar!"

sTiLe says "yeah :) that was the funny part"
LITE says "To only realize later it was stile, zlana and poohbear"
sTiLe says "then he got the hall of suds :)"
LITE says "Then I got zlana's meeting room.."
LITE says "then i got evil :)"
Kareila says "so anyway, we're a much of stinkers..."
Kareila says "go on to the funny part :)"
LITE went into Soreth's Horde Cave.. stole his money and tp'd it
LITE says "So.. April Fools comes alonmg"
LITE says "EVERYONE is looking for good ways to get their fellow staffies"
LITE says "So.. my idea was to turn all the coke on the MUX to Pepsi"
LITE says "sTile's idea was to dewiz Kareila.."

sTiLe says "Now wait a sec"
LITE says "wot?"
sTiLe says "It was meant as a funny little joke, you know, We've secretly switched Kareila's wizbit with folgers crystals, let's see if she notices type thing"
Alierak says "ooh ooh ooh. once, I was rearranging the furniture to get to the space where we were gonna install an a/c in the wall. I had to move the computers across the room, but one of the cords wasn't long enough. I figured, what the heck, it's just a vt220 connected to a serial port, big deal. So I logged onto chaotic, announced I was halting the machine temporarily to move it, and that it would be Quick and Painless (TM). I got it back together an hour later, plus or minus a crash and some hard disk corruption..."
LITE laffs. Yes
sTiLe says "Nothing meant as mean or anythihng, just see what happens when she tries a wiz cmd"
sTiLe says "anyway, go on"
Kareila says "rak, wait your turn! :)"
Alierak says "noooooo"
LITE says "So.. we decided to get Kareila."
LITE says "We set her !wiz"

sTiLe grins at rak, I remember that :)
LITE says "Problem is.. Kareila owns EVERYTHING!!!"
Kareila gloats
Draci says "well, half the mux."
LITE says "So.. within 5 minutes all Kareila's money was gone.."
LITE says "Cause of globals and stuff.."

poohbear says "ooooo my!"
sTiLe says "And she got spammed to death .."
LITE says "Logging on she was spammed with messages"
Kareila says "and none of the master room code worked any more :)"

poohbear LOL
Draci laughs, this is funny when it's retold. ;)
sTiLe says "And we felt stupid :)"
LITE says "We would have gotten away with it if we had just given Kareila free_money"
sTiLe says "she bit our poor furry heads off :)"
Kareila says "most definitely the most ill-conceived prank ever to mar the face of the mux :)"

LITE says "But it is funny when you look back at it"
LITE says "OK.. I'm done :)"
Alierak thinks some of the globals had to be wiz-inherit anyway tho
sTiLe says "and we felt just a tiny bit sheepish :) If I remmeber, right, rak didn't like the idea"
Kareila says "oh, of course :)"
LITE votes for rak to go next
sTiLe thought he went already
sTiLe says "He was?"
Kareila says "mmm hmm"
LITE nodnods
sTiLe says "well.."
Alierak told the unplugging story in the middle of yours :)
Kareila says "nobody realized the extent of my POWER!!! bwahahaha*coughchoke*"
LITE says "Original Suggestion was to switch Rak's !wiz character with kareila's"
sTiLe types ---> @clone Aldar=Kareila
LITE Exorces Kareila
LITE exorcizes too =P
Kareila says "phew, sorry, got carried away :)"
Kareila says "GAH!"

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Legends tell of a dreaded loser and the MUX's survival.

Kareila sighs and wonders where to start with the tale of helios
LITE says "Start with Chaotic being changed and LITE's new acct"
Zenty says "tale?? more like horror storie :)"
Kareila says "hmm... no, earlier than that"
Aldar says "start with the discovery of helium"
LITE says "ok"
LITE says "No.. i mean the account he hacked"
LITE says "the one with the bad password"
Kareila says "okay... once there was this guy who came to our mux, his name was helios, and he was a jerk."
Kareila says "so, as most of you know, our policy is, "Don't be a jerk." So we showed him the door."

Zenty says "and he broke it open"
LITE Thought he hacked before that.
LITE might be wrong
Kareila says "then he came back under a different name, and we showed him the door again."
Kareila says "you're wrong, LITE, shaddup :)"
Zenty says "and he broke it open, again"
Alierak says "you're definitely wrong, lite, we'd already thrown him out"
LITE cwiez!
Kareila grins
LITE says "So I'm wrong. I admitted i could be."
Kareila smooches LITE's nosie and continues
Zenty says "noise?"
Kareila says "no, nosie"
LITE says "nosie :)"
Kareila says "now, where was I"
hellspawn makes noise.
LITE beeps Zenty's nosie
Zenty says "noise? :)"
Kareila says "ok, so this guy was being a real loser, asking people for personal info and being generally harassing and derogatory to people."
LITE says "Just the way we hate 'em"
Kareila says "but after we got rid of him the second time and sitelocked him from the mux, we thought we had seen the last of him. Boy, were we wrong."
Kareila says "It turns out that this helios freak was a site admin at a UK ISP, and he knew how to hack unix machines. He managed to figure out LITE had an account on our machine, and broke into it."
LITE had a dumb password
LITE was using summer acct and never used chaotic acct tho till school year

Draci says "a site /admin/? Or is that a whole 'nother story?"
hellspawn says "Err... he was a site admin?"
Vadal says "god, sex, secret, or love, LITE?"
Kareila says "he then proceeded to log into the MUX from chaotic itself as a guest, and tried to convince the people who were on that he was LITE and had forgotten his password."
LITE says "As if :)"
LITE says "No one is like me :)"
Vadal says "couldn't happen, nobody is that weird...cept for me"
LITE says "Even you people who knew me for a long time could impersonate me that well :)"
Alierak says "well, he sure seemed to be a site admin, perhaps he just 0\/\/|\|3D them"
Kareila says "well, they were understandably suspicious... and right about then, I logged into the MUX and saw lite was on from that site in the uk that I had banned, and all hell broke loose."
LITE says "er.. could NOT impersonate me that well"
Zenty says ";n=HNG9Yr)"
Zenty could :P
Kareila says "He started writing me on the shell... initiating ftp sessions... I was killing everything as fast as I could... then BOOM, the local router died."
Vadal whistles, "That's quite a hacker."
Kareila says "I just about had a heart attack then and there"
Vadal is reminded of that final scene in Hackers heheh
Draci says "well, yeah, one can only remember so many pids from 'ps' output at a time, and one can only type so fast.."
hellspawn says "Well, there's killall..."
hellspawn says "And someone coulda killed his login pid *I love that one*"
Alierak ended up killing inetd for a while
LITE says "There's more to this"
LITE pokes kareila
hellspawn knows. ;)
Kareila says "So, to make a long story short, we took the machine offline for about a week to check for damage, then changed its IP address, and Alierak figured out how to take the proper security measures with site access, and we emailed a lot of people but never got an apology, and eventually he stopped bothering us."
LITE says "had helios looked.. I had tf on my account. He could have logged on AS ME"
Kareila says "yes, it could have been much worse than it was."

LITE says "Er.."
LITE says "There's more, guys :)"
LITE says "Story ain't over yet :)"
hellspawn hehs... And a few months after that, when all the hassle died down, he harassed me over at my place. ;P
Kareila says "yeah, he keeps popping up in odd places."
Vadal says "He's a one-night-stand hacker I guess"
Kareila says "so the moral of the story is, if you come on from a UK site and request a character named helios I'll kick your butt ;)"
Vadal says "what if I just like sun-oriented greek mythology??"
LITE pokes Kareila. Can I have a char.. I wanna name is Helios?
Kareila @nukes LITE :)
LITE wants to create it and kick it's butt all over the internet
Kareila says "ok, Vadal, your turn :)"
Alierak says "Mark and Apollo came on and created a 'Helios Island' and we were all suspicious for a while :P"

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Gender isn't one of the two guarantees in life -- at least not on the internet.

LITE hops up n down. Tell us a good story, unca Vadal! ;)
Vadal says "Ok, I happened to start chatting with a gal is my usual deal yanno"
Vadal says "heh"
Vadal says "anyway, I'm just messing around, flirting and all..."
Vadal says "we're getting along real well, I'm in rare form, cracking jokes and stuff...."
Kareila says "yeah, yeah, we all know what a stud you are"
Vadal says "then I find out the gal is GUY....I always suspect, but to be so defined heheh"
Vadal shivers.
Vadal says "From then on, I was much less flirty...scarred me for life."
Kareila says "was that here, Vadal, or elsemu?"
Vadal says "here"
Kareila says "weird :)"
Draci shudders. HERE?
Vadal says "why would I talk about something elsemu? Is this the ELSEMU party? I thought not"
LITE makes comments about Jorina
Vadal says "heh"
Vadal says "yeah here"
Vadal says "JORINA< that's his name"
hellspawn snickers @ LITE.
LITE says "ooo.."
Kareila says "yeah, he snookered Aldar too"
Vadal meant a comma, but the < works too
LITE says "He got Aldar too =P"
Vadal got really ticked, I don't refer to him as a female anymore
Alierak says "oh, you mean you weren't here when he changed his gender?"
Vadal says "I think you are sick if you pretend to be from opposite sex"
Vadal yes I was
LITE says "Only a few of us were, Rak"
hellspawn snickers... It was interesting...
LITE uhs..
Kareila says "He was originally Jorin... some of us were onto him from the start."
Alierak says "he said he needed more practice playing females, and started changing stuff"
Vadal says "ohhhhhhhh now"
hellspawn grinz...
LITE pretended to be of the opposite sex off n on for a while, Jorina.. but not here =P
Vadal says "now=no"
Vadal says "No I wasn't here"
LITE says "er.."
Draci says "weird."
LITE bahs n gets confused.
Vadal wishes somebody had said somethign!!! heheh
Kareila says "I did tell Aldar :)"
LITE says "We didn't know he was flirting with you"
Aldar says "huh?"
Aldar says "what?"
Kareila says "I didn't know he got you too though"
Vadal says "thank,s that really helps ME heheh"
Kareila says "if I knew I'd have told ya"
Vadal @baps Jorin to all heck
LITE says "Jorina schnookered Vadal too."
Vadal says "thanks"
Vadal says "I do appreciate it"

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More gender confusion.

LITE says "oh OH! I got a story!"
LITE wonders if Doma is about
Vadal says "go lite, go lite, it's ya birthday.."
Alierak says "but hey, ara did the same thing to TommyGurl"
Vadal says "heh"
Alierak says "becoming arabello for a night"
LITE tells the story of Doma :) And why, for about half a day, I thought Doma was a girl
Vadal says "wait, ara is a guy, right?"
Vadal says "oh"
LITE says "ara is a girl, vadal :) Very much girl :)"
Vadal says "oops, I mean a girl"
LITE says "Anyways.."
Kareila laughs
LITE says "When Doma first logged on, I remembered him from a previous place."
LITE says "So.. we get this mail.. and it's from Doma"
LITE says "But it's using Doma's mom's acct"
LITE says "For... like half a day.. IO was sitting there trying to get out of him whether he was a she"

Draci ohmys. :)
LITE says "Kareila nearly killed me :)"
LITE says "The end."

LITE says "Who next?"

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A couple things to keep in mind for coders, and other miscellany.

Kareila says "so, does anyone else have any stories they want to share of the old days?"
Kareila says "or even the new days"
Vadal says "I have one from a place that wasn't here"
LITE says "how about the story of the birth of Alierak? :) or why you can never be sure if Kareila is Kareila ;)"
Kareila says "rak should tell that one :)"
LITE nods
Alierak recalls his first totally useless hardcode hack, the va/vb colors in the comsys
Vadal says "Anyone mind if I tell a Non-chaotic story?"
Kareila says "well, only if it's really good"
Vadal says "this is VERY good"
LITE says "Have y'all had fun on ChaoticMUX's 2nd birday?"
Vadal says "stile and I were on Bobby's old Narnia MUSH....and he and I were working on a new page command"
Kareila has :)
hellspawn says "Nope."
Aldar says "no"
LITE kicks Aldar and hellspawn
LITE says "Well have fun dammit!"
Zenty says "Hey, no new admin?? No renaming Enigma?? Damn! ;P"
Aldar says "scavenger hunt is too hard :)"
Alierak says "the comsys va/vb colors had a serious memory leak because I didn't know I had to free the memory used by each attribute lookup. So the mux blew up 8K per channel message for a couple days..."
Draci could've had more fun. :/
hellspawn was at school! :(
LITE says "You will be assimilated!"
Reddragon does a happy dance in praise of kinda-srorta the bday of Chaotic
hellspawn had an exam! :(
Reddragon notes that srorta is actually sorta... :P
Kareila says "awww"
LITE says "You must have fun!"
Vadal says "and no matter how much we tested it we'd always get stuck in an infinite loop whenever we typed "page <person>=<text>""
LITE paints happy faces on everyone :)
Aldar says "You will be asphyxiated! Resiliance is floortile!"
LITE says to Vadal.. that's what u get when stile codes ;)
Alierak says "heh"
Vadal says "What happened was is that I didn't enter a command to PEMIT the message to people, I was using: "<all our extra stuff> then page %0=%1 to page them!!""
Kareila laffs
Alierak says "hee hee"
Draci says "amazing."
Zenty laughs
hellspawn . o O ( Ahh... the good old days. )
Vadal says "It happened over and over and over...I had to logoff like three times to to shut it off"
Vadal says "the worst part was that I had it set TRACE and VERBOSE< so I got super spam"
Vadal just realized he told his first nerd joke....SAVE ME

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Finale: Every MUX has its roots.

Kareila says "All right then. Final story of the evening. Once there was a girl, and a pathetic excuse for a computer, and an even more pathetic excuse for a server, and somehow she thought it would be a good idea to make it into a place that would be worth going to."
Alierak says "that's pathetic, Kar"
Kareila says "you certainly thought so at the time, rak :)"

Alierak nodnods
Alierak says "the old chaotic sucked big mossy rocks"
Kareila says "yet somehow, beyond all rhyme or reason, it worked. we started our mux, and slowly but surely, it began to grow."

Vadal says "God only knows why heheheh"
Kareila grins
Draci grins, you mean it was luck?
hellspawn says "Any new MUX grows by luck."
Vadal says "we've escaped hackers, moves, db shutdowns, darn right there was some luck"
Alierak says "and with some regularity, it crashed, and LITE called to whine 'Chaotic is down! I can't even connect!'"
Kareila says "some days were good, and some days were bad, and some days were mediocre. Most days were mediocre. But when it was good, it was excellent. And people began to bring their friends, and their friends' friends..."

hellspawn snickers..
Vadal quotes Steve Martin, "And the first day was like, one day. BUt the second was like a week...the third day was like seven hours really, but the next day was like fifty days!
Kareila says "we've had our ups and downs, but it's gotten us to where we are, and I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Good old days? Hell, there ain't no such thing. We're living them every minute, and may they never end! :)"
Kareila says "The final thing I want to say tonight is those of you who were not here for our past: don't let it bother you. You're part of our present, and that's infinitely more important. And together, we'll find the future. This MUX is here because of you, all of you who care about it and connect here day in and day out. Don't ever cheapen the value of that. It's the most precious commodity we can have."

Cyric gives Kar a standing ovation
The house is reduced to applause.
Vadal says "I need a patch! A ChaoticMUX Patch!"
Vadal says "Ineed to be eased out of this horrible addiction, step by step, in stages I can take..."
Vadal says "heheeh"
Kareila says "We're all addicted Vadal... frankly I've stopped resenting it. I just enjoy it. :)"
Announcement: Kareila shouts "Well, the storytime is over... thanks to everyone who came :) Now Regin's running a mystery game in #6303, and he needs 10 people to play. I hope some of y'all will join in :)"
-- Thu Oct 1 22:44:44 1998

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