Professor Trivial: Chapter 2

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[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Whether 'tis !nobleed in the mynd to sufferage the swings and narrows of outward Primal RAGE, or to take up legs against a sea of transconductors, and by ape hosing them, #endif"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Badger Double Helix Windo-Kleen Nyarf Thunk"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Oh, to hack with it."

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth's head ejects itself on a long spring, and bobs up and down colorfully in the air.

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "Well, thank goodness. I'm finally rid of that cursed hat."

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "Getting a robotic duplicate to put it on worked perfectly."

[Public] little dragon arabella blinkx quietly

[Public] The Capricious Kareila chuckles

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth lugs off the Professor Trivial hat and seals it in lead.

[Public] Knight of the Periodic table DracWolf blinks noisily.

[Public] little dragon arabella wants it.

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "It's very dangerous, ara...."

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "And quite addictive."

[Public] little dragon arabella says, "i'm not sure i'd know how to use it..."

[Public] Draci grins.

[Public] little dragon arabella says, "but if you're sick of it, you could show me how it works..."

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "You just put it on, and then it empowers you with the ability to answer any trivial question anyone asks you."

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "Plus, you can read all the volumes in the Big Books of Things Nobody's Supposed to Know."

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "By the way, Volume 12 (Ants) is a laugh riot."

[Public] little dragon arabella wants the hat!!!!!!!!!!!

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth melts the lead easily with his breath and hands Arabella the not-even-warmed hat.

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "Oh, and it's almost indestructible. Except for something the guy I got it from screamed about 'Mount Boom' or something... After he was done screaming about frogs, that is."

[Public] little dragon arabella happily slaps the hat on her head, "Open for business!"

[Public] little dragon arabella says, "Hey, what's a Mount Boom?"

[Public] Knight of the Periodic table DracWolf says, "a big mountain with a microphone hanging off it."

[Public] little dragon arabella is forced to answer her own quesiton, "He really said true bluff! In poker, he was bluffing. The hat is really harmless!"

[Public] The Colorful Kareila says, "no, not a bluff, a mountain."

[Public] little dragon arabella grynx at jen, too bad, the hat is harmless.

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "Professorette Trivial, how many fingers am I holding up behind my back?"

[Public] Knight of the Periodic table DracWolf says, "11, but 6 of them arn't yours."

[Public] little dragon arabella says, "Ahh, my good dear soreth...I don't know and I don't care, but you *do* wear leopard spotted underwear. You left them in my laundry basket, by the way, so i washed them and put them on the flagpole."

[Public] Draci roflol!

[Public] Gotta Love Me! LITE Starts to giggle

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "Ara? Mmmm?"

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "How many fingers am I holding up behind my back?"

[Public] little dragon arabella says, "you don't have fingers, silly dragon."

[Public] The king of yawns, Bobby grins

[Public] My inner dragon ate my inner child. Soreth says, "Okay, the hat works."

[Public] One Head LITE laughs

[Public] little dragon arabella idly wonders if she's in trouble

[Public] (Version 2.5b) Soreth says, "Not really... I think that the addictiveness comes from egos clashing... Or something like that."

[Public] The Undulating LITE says, "Where is Professor(ette?) Trivial..I have a question..I need an answer!"

[Public] Mate To Malystryxx, Soreth shrugs. "Have to ask ara... No, wait a second...

[Public] The Magickal Mystical LITE raises an eyebrow

[Public] Mate To Malystryxx, Soreth starts up the DeLorean, accelerates, then vanishes, leaving a pair of flaming tire tracks behind, as well as the license plate 'OUTATIME'

[Public] You Don't Know JACK! LITE says, "Well..that was useless"

[Public] Mate To Malystryxx, Soreth appears in a barely-controlled skid out of a flash of blue light, waving the hat in his talons.

[Public] In the house of Stone and LITE says, "o dear.."

[Public] Gotta Love Me! LITE says, "Making Paradoxes again?"

[Public] Mate To Malystryxx, Soreth says, "No paradoxes... Just borrowing it from before I gave it to Arabella."

[Public] One Head LITE says, "O..i see.."

[Public] Day LITE says, "Right then...I have a question"

[Public] Mate To Malystryxx, Soreth puts on the Professor Trivial Hat, ready to answer any trivial question.

[Public] Register for LITE's Typoing class today! LITE raises a hand "Oo Oo Oo! Pick me!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Okee, *points to guy right next to LITE who's not paying attention.* You first."

[Public] The Magickal Mystical LITE says, "Right"

[Public] FLASH LITE says, "If Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Pepper and a Woodchuck would chuck all the would it could many Seashelss does She sell by the Sea Shore?"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "I presume you mean 'Seashells'?"

[Public] In the house of Stone and LITE nodnodnoddles

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Well, Peter Piper the hermaphrodite woodchuck is actually cracked, and sells his/her seashells at a *negative* price. So the little bugger ends up in debt every day."

[Public] FLASH LITE says, "Aha! I caught you!"

[Public] Gotta Love Me! LITE says, "That's a lie!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth quirks an eyeridge.

[Public] Got Milk? Get Cookie! LITE says, "Everyone knows that Perette Piper, once known as Peter before the full sex operation gave up chucking wood as she found pears inside the shells and made it big!@"

[Public] FLASH LITE says, "I caught you, Professor Trivial! You are a fake!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth tsk tsk tsks at the Pixie.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "LITE.... Perette Piper is in the Federal Witness Protection Program, and no longer has that name, or job."

[Public] The Magickal Mystical LITE whaps you. You ninny! That's Perrete Peeper, the hermaphrodite who liked to look into windows and watch wenches drink their coke sensually

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "No, Peeper was shot last thursday by Gerald Ford."

[Public] The Magickal Mystical LITE says, "No no no..that Was George Bush in drag.."

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Actually, Ford was genetically transformed into a Bush look-alike in drag."

[Public] Proffesor Know-it-all LITE says, "So Ford shot himself? I don't THINk so!"

[Public] Proffesor Know-it-all LITE says, "Now you are thinking of ex-President Nixon, but as the world known, he's dead!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "No he isn't. The Zerg kidnapped him from Earth."

[Public] Profesor Know-it-all LIT PE says, "You ninny..that was Elvis!"

[Public] One Head LITE says, "Don't you know ANYTHING??"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "And Ford shot Peeper, not himself. The Protoss kidnapped Elvis."

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "I can understand your mistake: they're both butt ugly."

[Public] Profesor Know-it-all LITE says, "The Protoss were only here because the Men-In-Black had invaded their planet, was the Zerg that kidnapped Elvis. The Protoss is currently eliminating the Elvis lookalikes."

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth sighs. "The MiB haven't existed for years... they were ah... 'bought out' by the DiB.

[Public] Profesor Know-it-all LITE says, "What dream did you wake up? The only member of the DiB is *muffled*"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth shows an awfull lot of teeth. "Wanna bet?"

[Public] Profesor Know-it-all LITE says, "How much?"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "<voice="Mister Rogers">Your SOUL </voice>"

[Public] Profesor Know-it-all LITE says, "Silly Professor Trivial. If you ever read the ChaoticMUX Quote page. I HAVE no Soul! I am the Soul STEALER!"

[Public] Profesor Know-it-all LITE will bet you Atreyu's soul if you really want a soul, tho. His soul will be mine soon enough.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "But I know you're wearing Alierak's soul."

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu says, "No, you just THINK you took my soul, fool. :P"

[Public] Profesor Know-it-all LITE says, "No..I'm wearing Alierak's SOLE! Dork!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth unsticks Alierak's soul from the bubble gum on his sole. "Oh yes?"

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "oh..I didn't know about that. Neat! =)"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth sticks it in a mayo jar and puts it away off channel.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE quietly takes Alierak's soul back. I can use that as bait for the wench's soul

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "I already have it, tho."

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "Liar!"

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "You have the Wench in a cage..naught more.."

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth holds up a big soul with 'Kareila's Soul' written on it in Coke.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "Ha! That's Alierak's Soul with Alierak crossed off and the name Kareila written in Coke!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Curses! Foiled again!"

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE grabs the soul "Thank YOU!"

[Public] Turn On a Million Blinding Brilliant White Incendiary LITE tucks it away wherest no dragon shall find it..nor want to look

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth smirks as it suddenly is revealed to be Aldar's Ego.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "WAUGH!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Darn, now you can't even pick it up..."

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE already has one of those.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth sighs. "I know, I know, he has so many of them..."

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE quietly takes out the Wand of Lemmification "I've got this. He never knew it was gone..."

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE puts it away

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth readies his dart gun, just in case something bad happens.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE accidentally drops the Staff of Lemmification..oops..Atreyu is a lemming. O'll wear off eventually..

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu ALMOST resists the lemmification... but not quite. *poof*

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE grynz. Now then Professor Trivial. Tis but you and me. And one one of us may become the most respected Knower of Little Known Facts..

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu looks... up?! at Nissa? What has happened?

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE screams out "Professor Kombat!!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth lets Volume Ten fly at LITE, all 700 tons of information about moths.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE ducks it..

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE lets volume 3245 (all about Zoology) fly at Soreth!

[Public] Nissa hee-hee's at Atreyu.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth slips between air molecules, then pops out at the Enchanted Rope of Sixteen Ton Weights. *YANK*

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE chuckles. Pot a Wity..yer not even a Lemming ..that'll leave a mark..

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "...Oh? *The 16-ton weight lands right next to LITE, crushing the newely-lemminged Atreyu.*"

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, " least it isn't permanent"

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu doesn't even have time to squeak.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth fires a bazooka-joe bubblegum rocket at LITE.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE quietly opens volume 987 (Oriental Weapons) and takes out chinese stars..only to get thrown back against the great tree by a rocket...OOF!

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu falls out of the entrance for another exciting day of suicide!

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu tries to remember who he is, somehow sensing that that might be important...

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE gets into an Edsel

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE appears out of nowhere in a small putt putt putt and putt putts towards the MUX inside an Edsel at speeds in excess of 5 MPH an hour

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth rolls his eyes and eats the Edsel, storing it in a pocket universe instead of his actual stomach.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE wanders onto the MUX and screams "Cooooke! Neeed Coooooke!"

[Public] Lemming Atreyu wanders around aimlessly, trying to think with the three brain cells he has left.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE wanders into a Coke machine and off!s

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "ooof's too"

[Public] Finish HIM!

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE grabs Soreth, bakes him in a pie, sticks him in the oven..Waits..*DING& FINISHED!

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth locks LITE in a small room with 30 Jehovah's Witnesses, 12 lawyers, and 60 life insurance salesmen.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth is immune to fires... That felt nice.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE grynz and gets out

[Public] Lemming Atreyu bites LITE.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE gets out by saying "God is to blame for that accident" and watching everyone fight over the legality of that

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth watches LITE fall into the Magic-Proof self-sealing jar underneath it.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "D'oh@"

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE flies out before the lid comes down!

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Curses!"

[Public] Lemming Atreyu BITES LITE!

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE owws

[Public] Lemming Atreyu has only three brain cells left... pretty single-minded.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "Why for you bite poor little LITE?"

[Public] Lemming Atreyu says, "Tasty."

[Public] Lemming Atreyu is a Pixivorous Lemming!

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE whaps Atreyu with the wand of lemmification again, turning him back to his old charming self..

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Personally, I liked him better as a lemming, but..."

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE says, "Jah..but I no wanna be eaten"

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu ahhhs as his mind comes back.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth . o O ( Such as it is. )

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu says, "You lemmified me, LITE!"

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu turns on Soreth. "And YOU! You crushed me!"

[Public] Incandescent LITE says, "Not purposely!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "I was aiming for LITE."

[Public] ChaoticMUX's Official Typo LITE must go :( I have work tommorow at 7 AM..

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth says, "Awwww....."

[Public] Warrior Boy Atreyu will get you later, pixie.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth claims VICTORY by default.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth morphs into Groucho Marks. "And it's quite a fault, too... *cigar waggle*

[Public] Turn On a Million Blinding Brilliant White Incendiary LITE says, "nuh uh uh..I'm not FINISHED with you yet, Professor Trivial.."

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth sticks his tongue out.

[Public] Nite LITE grabs Soreth a la Scorpion "Come here! Get over here!"

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth *SLURPS* LITE with his forked tongue, making the pixie all wet.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE sends him flying into a Magic-Proof Room

[Public] Look Mom! I'm a Rocket Scientist! LITE locks the door and seals it in Dragon-proof Metal

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth shrugs. "So?"

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE taunts him by stealing Maly from him ;)

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth watches the DeLorean speed into the room. He hops in and exits, running over LITE while he's futilely trying to steal Maly.

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE squishes again

[Public] Professor Know-it-all LITE squishes so far into the ground, he falls into RL

LOGIN: LITE has disconnected.

[Public] Professor Trivial, Soreth takes off the Professor Trivial Hat, giving up on answering your questions.

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