Professor Trivial: Chapter 6

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(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth puts on the hat, adjusting it a little bit.

(Public) Trouble Maker LITE blinks..

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Where did you get that???"

(Public) Gotta Love Me! LITE says, "That came out of nowhere.."

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Hmmm... still fits. Don't you people remember? I knicked it from Mount Boom last night."

(Public) The Magickal Mystical LITE thought he destroyed you..

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Whozywhat?"

(Public) The Chocolateivorous LITE says, "I.. he.. Professor Know-It-All"

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Ohmy..."

(Public) The Warped Wiz! LITE bahs.. where did I put that Cardigan?

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Well, let's just ask him some Trivial questions, and maybe he'll go away"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Wow. I'm sensing a total lack of ego force in this hat. The real professor must be asleep."

(Public) Professor Know-It-Aall LITE says, "Hello Trivial.."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "I have a trivial question!"

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Know-It-Aall?"

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf *cough*moron*cough*

(Public) Professor Know-It-All LITE blinks at Half-Ralf..

(Public) MarkJr has joined this channel. What a social dork. :)

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth tailwaves to Know-It-All. "Howya doing? Don't worry, the hat isn't possessing me again."

(Public) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "Sure you Misread/"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Now, whatcher question, Half-Ralf?"

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "What would you do for a Klondike bar, assuming that Klondike bars exist only in space-time limbo, and, when in limbo, how low can you go?"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Well, I don't really enjoy Klondike bars, but I'd skip town for an Its-It."

(Public) The Experimenter MarkJr...!

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf agrees

(Public) Malkmus has left this channel. What an antisocial dork. :)

(Public) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "Herm.. now if it were a COokie Bar, I'd answer... but I don't care for Klondike Either"

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Who asked you! Know your role!"

(Public) The Spoof-Master MarkJr can go lower than any of ya'll. I'll take the Klondike bar for free, hear or in space.

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf bends the first ! into an ?

(Public) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "yeah.."

(Public) LITE has left this channel. What an antisocial dork. :)

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf hmms

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "No competition for Trivial now"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Anyone else? I'm a little rusty on this thingy, but..."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "What are tonsils for?"

(Public) The Spoof-Master MarkJr says, "Tonsils are for storing a TON of windowSILLS in."

(Public) Crayon says, "Generating revenue for surgeons."

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "As illustrated by arabella last night, they are for catching bits of food and causing great pain."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf aaghs!

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Who to believe??"

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf implodes

(Public) The Last Comtitle MarkJr says, "Tonsils are also great for causing half-stuffs to implode."

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Yes, after I put that small implosion device in half-ralf."

(Public) The Experimenter MarkJr says, "Ahhh. But was that Ethical, Prof. Trivial?"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Nope. Not at all."

(Public) The Question MarkJr says, "Then it was a fitting thing to do. I applaud you."

(Public) An eerie darkness falls where Half-Ralf imploded

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf reappears from nowhere, with another question?

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf stomps on the ? till its a .

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Fire away."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "War: What is it good for?"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Independant contractors, lowering the population of arrogant young men, and producing smoked kippers."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf wows

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf always thought it was "Absolutely nuthin'. huh!!"

(Public) The Battou-sai, Kalidor says, "womens baseball teams too"

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf raises an eyebrow

(Public) NOT Y2K compliant, Flubber says, "this show ROCKS"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Indirectly, yes. The loss of the arrogant young men causes that."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Professor... Who shot J.R.?"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "It is interesting to note that the more smoked kippers there are in the world, the more famous paintings are stolen and smuggled into other countries."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "That doesnt help"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "JR? Which JR? I need a full name here, or I'll end up pulling a caveman out of the hat."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "JR! Come on! You know... JR!"

(Public) The Question MarkJr...?!

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Mark... Who shot J.R.?"

(Public) The Coder Dude MarkJr says, "Uh... that Jonathan Wilkes Booth guy."

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Well, there's a JR at my school who was assassinated by a haddock flambe granted intelligence, immortality, and foresight in a nuclear accident, but I doubt he's who you mean."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf crowns MarkJr as Professor Smarter-than-Professor-Trivial.

(Public) The Question MarkJr thinks this crown will go to his head.

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf ba-dum ching!

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Ummm... Right. Bad pun."

(Public) The Coder Dude MarkJr bows anyway.

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf whees

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "(because I can)"

(Public) The Sandwich Artist MarkJr says, "Half-Ralf, as part of my new duties as Professor Smarter-than-Professor-Trivial, I am compelled to demand tribute from you."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf, as a tribute to Professor Smarter-Than-Professor-Trivial, kicks him in the shins and runs off with the crown. He then crowns Professor Trivial as Professor Nicer-Than-Professor-Smarter-Than-Professor-Trivial

(Public) The Experimenter MarkJr oOoOoOoOo... I feel DIFFERENT...

(Public) The Undeniable MarkJr blinks. Sorry, Half-Ralf. That crown does funny things to people.

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf cheers for Professor Nicer-Than-Professor-Smarter-Than-Professor-Trivial... "Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Ummm...."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "WOO!!!"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Speech."

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf CHEERS!

(Public) Beep. Half-Ralf hears a faint beeping noise, eeps, and suddenly implodes for a second time

(Public) The Certifiably Insane MarkJr says, "Hey, can I see the design schematics for that thing, Prof. Trivial?"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Nope. I burned 'em."

(Public) The Undeniable MarkJr says, "Then can I see the remote control?"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "There isn't one."

(Public) The Spoof-Master MarkJr says, "How do you trigger the implosions then?"

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "I don't. Random timer. Evil, no?"

(Public) The Sandwich Artist MarkJr says, "Very evil!"

(Public) The Experimenter MarkJr says, "I congratulate you again."

(Public) Prof. Trivial, Soreth says, "Ah, it's nothing."

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette puts on her oh-so-cute tam.

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette *dares* prof trival to do better.

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "o dear"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "Alierak: An awful lot of stuff, really..."

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial BLINKS.

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "yeah, you heard me, you know:-nothing

(>Public<) Mostly harmless, Alierak says, "oh, thanks."

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "yep. Prof. Trivial dun know a thing"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial . o O ( One word to say, really... )

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "SORETH!!!!!!!!"

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "Oh, bloody hell."

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE sticks Soreth in a hat-proof cage!

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE sticks his tongue out at Prof. Trivial

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette reigns supreme, once again, just by showing up!!

(>Public<) Professor Know-I t-All LITE says, "uh.................. not"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "Right. Where'd you come from, Professorette?"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "mommy and daddy professors of trivia. next!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE knew that ;)

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "You, uh... you really didn't read the fine print on that contract......"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial seethes.

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "Right!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-Irt-All LITE says, "Prof. Trivial... OK then!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "In a Professor Kombat.. who would win? You or professorette trivial.. and remember, you have to answer honestly!"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "I order you, Professor Trivialette, to give up your power and give it back to me!"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "That depends... Technically, both of us would win."

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "eh? how's that?"

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth whistles innocently.

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial GLARES at Soreth.

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE grabs Professor Trivial

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "Well okay... I kinda felt bad about stealing the hat from ara, so, well..."

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE takes the hat off and uses origami to fold it into a crane

(>Public<) Duck when Wraith enters the MUX.

LOGIN: Wraith has connected.

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette chews on wraith

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial is hatless, but still present.

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE gives the origami-crane prof. trivial hat to Wraith

(>Public<) Professor Know-Iatt-All LITE says, "whatever u do, do NOT put that on!"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette *wondered* where her hat went!

(>Public<) Duck when Wraith says, "DOH! if i bounce off an on, it's cuz of work."

LOGIN: Wraith has disconnected.

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial grows another hat.

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE herms

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE decapitates prof. trivial

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE takes the second hat and burns it

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "That won't quite work, LITE... He's kinda, well..."

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "It'd take a nuke to get rid of him..."

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "We COULD trap him in Mt. Boom again"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "i know how"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial gets up, fully himself again.

(>Public<) Circa has joined this channel. What a social dork. :)

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "Well, considering that he's starting to turn it into his HQ, that might not be wonderful."

(>Public<) Shaun the Sheep's #1 fan Circa says, "ME SO SPOOOOOILED"

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "His Pattern is closer to yours or mine than it used to be. He's basically a part of this world now."

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "Completely, I mean.... he's not just a telepathically screaming hat anymore."

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "i know that.. but I can still get rid of him"

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "Yeah, but is it worth the carnage?"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "depends"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial smirks.

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "Trivialette! I demand that you transfer your power!"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "to whom? LITE?"

(>Public<) Professor Know-Ie.t-All LITE says, "Yes"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "To me."

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "to LITE"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "Why don't i just keep it and use it for good?"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "sounds good to me."

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "And WHAT?!?"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "You, Prof. Trivial, have an archnemesis"

(>Public<) Beastie Gal Circa says, "ara?"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette secretly blows kisses to circa

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "Wow. He may actually have a heart attack if this keeps up."

(>Public<) If heaven falls Circa winks slyly to ara... erm-, trivialettethingie

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "Yes! I who have powers equalivant and opposite to Prof Trivial will use my powers for...*GOOD*!"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "I have plenty of them, Know-It-All. You, trivialette, Enigma..."

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "Perhaps we should form a team of super good superheros."

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette gets to wear the tight shirts, k?

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "Phaugh!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "but.. but.. I'm not good!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE is Chaotic =) I am the essence of Chaotic :)

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "It is my responsibility to keep this world going and the citizens happy.. no matter the cost ;)"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "That's IT! That's bloody it! I've had enough of this!"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "but no!"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "you can't quit or we won't have anything to do and we won't be able to make any sort of movie out of it!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "yer leaving, prof. trivial?"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "and if we can't make movies, we can't pay for college out of the royalties?"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial grabs Professorette trivial. "I can't... thanks to a certain *dragon*!"

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth whistles innocently again.

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "Please unhand me, dishonorable sir."

(>Public<) Professor Know-Iert-All LITE says, "unhand that dragon, u fiend!"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "Your power, and I will!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE knees prof. trivial in the groin

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE pushes prof. trivial to the ground

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial's voice rasies an octave and he goes 'GLEEP' and makes funny noises.

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth says, "Owee."

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial gets up. "Fark off, Know-it-all!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE whissles innocently

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "U be nice to my sister-dearest or next time I'll cut yer balls off.."

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "even if they grow back, i'm sure it'll be painful!"

(>Public<) Sylvan Sylph Circa snickers

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial hits LITE with an enchanted fly swatter of DOOM.

(>Public<) Believe in the Faeries Medwyn bops Prof. Trivial.."Don't hurt my Mommy Ara!"

(>Public<) #-1 GIMME COOKIE! LITE Explodes into little pixie-bits

(>Public<) Too nice to be mean Circa thwaps Prof. T - dun hit my wife!

(>Public<) The Undulating LITE grumbles. no one cares if proffessor trivial hits me.. as long as he dun hit ara =P

(>Public<) #-1 PLAYER DOES NOT EXIST. Soreth . o O ( Uh? )

(>Public<) In the House of Stone and LITE reforms slowly

(>Public<) *scottish* Circa comforts LITE. I care, just couldn't be bothered typing that much

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "Now, I'm only gonna say this once.."

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "GIMME YER POWERS!"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette WHAPS prof trivial

(>Public<) Believe in the Faeries Medwyn snugs Lity and cares. Was about to bop Prof. T for that...=)

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "@set Prof. Trivial=!Aldar"

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "NO HITTING MY BROTHER!"

(>Public<) *scottish* Circa bounces, and cheerleads fer her spouse

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial acks and gets a bloody nose!

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "wait...."

(>Public<) profesorette trivialette says, "prof trivial is my long lost son?"

(>Public<) Professor Know-Ioot-All LITE says, "no"

(>Public<) It's no secret that Circa blinks?

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "prof. trivial is a freak accident spawned by enigma and given life"

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial says, "That's it! You're too bloody cherful and friendly and chaotic!"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE says, "like most of the rest of the planet"

(>Public<) Professor Know-It-All LITE gleeps at the time. Gotta go. Gotta eat n work.

(>Public<) Prof. Trivial vanishes, his empty robe slowly falling to the ground.

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