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All players are encouraged to build, whether it be their own one-room hideaways or grand cities with dozens of shops and labyrinthine streets. There are no enforced quotas, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. In the interest of fostering chaos, the staff encourages people to link their rooms to other interesting places. Our policy is that a player may have a link anywhere he or she wishes, as long as the owner of the room approves. (Links from the area immediately surrounding the Great Tree are restricted, but anything else is fair game.) Just ask a member of our building staff for help, and we will be happy to assist you.

Players who are interested in developing a "minimux" with a specific subset of players and zone commands must gain the approval of the building and theming wizards, and at least one staff member should be either actively involved in the project or aware of the status of the project at all times.

There is no set formula or theme for builders to follow. We ask only that you observe the following guidelines:

  • Put a @description in every room.
  • Put @succ, @osucc, and @odrop messages on all public exits.

    That's it! Everything else is up to you.

    When building, we do ask that you be as economical as possible, so that other players may enjoy the same creative freedom as you. Ask yourself: does every room have a purpose, or are some just padding space? Putting a @succ message on an exit of "you wander lost in the forest for days before emerging" can be much more effective and less annoying than actually @digging a series of 100 empty rooms. This MUX has a lot of room to grow, but it's not infinite!

    If you need some pointers on building commands, we suggest you visit Newbie Haven and/or read up on the relevant section of the MUSH Manual.

    If you want to set yourself up with a minimum of fuss, you can get a home quickly and easily using the +makehome command (see +help +makehome).

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    MUX has a hardcoded channel system. New players are automagically added to the Public channel, which is meant for general MUX-wide conversation. It does not announce connects and disconnects; use +watch for this purpose. The default alias for Public is pub.

  • For detailed instructions on how to use channels, type help comsys
  • For a list of all public channels, type @clist
  • To join a new channel, type addcom <alias>=<channel name>
  • To send a message over a channel, type <alias> <message>
  • To set a title on a channel, type comtitle <alias>=<title>
  • To stop receiving a channel's messages, type <alias> off
  • For instructions on how to use +watch, type +help +watch.

    We consider private channels to be much the same as private rooms. In general, if you find out about the existence of a private channel, you should request the channel's owner for permission to join it, even if it is not locked. If you join without permission, be aware the channel owner has the ability to boot you off the channel.

    At the moment, anyone who wants a private channel created must contact a wizard. Requests for new public channels should be posted to the Suggestions board so that other players can comment.

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    The code we are running is based on TinyMUX 1.6, with several modifications for added features, a unique look and feel, and of course, a multitude of bugfixes. For a copy of the code and up to date information, go to

    Those of you who are interested in learning to write MUX code and/or hack MUX source should look on our website for links to various webpages that describe the process in more detail. You also may find certain sections of the MUSH Manual to be illuminating. Please don't go around begging for help, though, since very few people have the patience and even fewer have the time to teach.

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    We ask everyone here to obey the rules outlined in NEWS POLICY, and in general to avoid making a nuisance of themselves to others. Players who have difficulty doing these things will be dealt with on an escalating scale, from being nicely asked to stop up to being @toaded and sitelocked. The wizard in charge of Player Relations has total autonomy in all but the most severe and irreversible decisions, which should be ratified by a vote of all the head wizards.

    This courtesy does not extend to guests. Any rude, spammy, or otherwise annoying guests can expect to have their sites immediately banned from making further guest connections.

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    ChaoticMUX has recently revised its policy concerning idle timeouts. It used to be set at one hour, but it has now been increased to 24 hours. The rationale behind this decision is to allow people to observe conversations and such without necessarily needing to be terribly active, and to make it easier for people to meet online and have a real perception of whether someone is really at the keyboard or not. The timeout has not been completely lifted, so that "zombie" connections can be properly terminated; we think anyone who isn't interested enough in the online proceedings to type WHO once a day shouldn't be pretending to participate.

    In order for this policy to be effective, players are expected not to use client-side loops to continually reset their idle time when they're not actually active. Therefore, any players who do so and do not respond to a request to desist may find a polite email informing them that they have been temporarily sitelocked, as a behavioral correction measure. This is not out of malice or spite; experience has taught us that this is often the only way to gain the attention of a chronic idler.

    Requests for the "idle" power from mortals will be categorically denied, especially now that the timeout is 24 hours instead of one. DON'T ASK. Any players who received the idle power at any point in the past have had it removed.

    Be aware that especially during "prime time" - approximately 6pm to 1am - the Public channel and the most popular rooms can get VERY noisy. If you're going to idle for hours, you might want to remember to go home and pub off first.

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    We at ChaoticMUX believe in recognizing significant contributions to the game made by our regular players in ways other than promotion to staff. It is possible, if you do something truly nifty, to become immortal and have your name engraved on our Wall of Fame. Occasionally, immortality will be granted for other reasons (as a prize in a contest, for example).

    Immortals are not considered to be staff members, and although they are often able to help players and sometimes do, this is in no way a duty they are required to perform. The only tangible benefit of immortality is unlimited wishes.

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    ChaoticMUX Social Contract

    the theoretical justification of a positive state of nature
    within an organic conception of society
    with apologies to Rousseau

    ChaoticMUX is a social community. As is the case with all social communities, a few rules are necessary in order to make most people happy most of the time. In short, we want to play nice; if you don't, we won't want to play with you. Don't make us kick you out of our sandbox. :)

    1) "Be excellent to each other." -- Bill and Ted

    1a) Be friendly. Respect other people, and respect their opinions, even when they do not agree with your own. Some of us are better at expressing ourselves than others; don't be too quick to take offense, and try to keep an open mind. Try to involve someone who has a different viewpoint from your own in meaningful discussion, instead of attacking them for not agreeing with you or dismissing them outright. Above all, try not to be a jerk.

    1b) If someone is bothering you, we expect you to do your best to resolve the issue on your own terms before asking an admin to get involved. The staff is willing to do so when absolutely necessary, but usually we've found that it just makes matters worse by making people's disagreements our "official" business. If there is a dispute, try to understand the other person's point of view. If someone is just mindlessly harassing you, pagelocking is your friend; if that doesn't work, the staff can step in and take disciplinary actions if necessary. If you realize you absolutely cannot get along with another player, try to avoid that player instead of indulging in repeated arguments.

    1c) Since many people here are offended to some extent by the use of profane language, and some have to worry about overprotective parents, please do not use obscenities or discuss "adult" subject matter (such as sex, drugs, or illegal activities) in rooms or channels that are considered public. If anyone objects to your language in other circumstances, please desist. Use your best judgement, and be considerate.

    1d) Thou shalt not spam.

    2) "Party on, dudes!" -- Bill and Ted

    2a) If you agree to abide by our rules, you may do more or less as you please. Silly, improbable, and downright bizarre happenings occur with some regularity - we like it that way, and hope you will too.

    2b) You will be flagged as a newbie for the first two weeks of your stay, so that you are generally recognized as "not from around here." At the end of those two weeks, if you've shown yourself to be a fairly responsible person and refrained from irritating too many people, you'll be made a full "citizen" of the MUX.

    2c) The people who are on staff here are just that: people. Please don't treat us differently from anyone else; we're here to have fun too. You shouldn't think you have to kiss up to us or try to stay out of our hair; we just expect you to enjoy yourself in your own unique way. Conversely, you shouldn't expect us to entertain you, cater to you, or babysit you; we're not being paid enough to give you the constant attention you may think you deserve. You /can/ come to us for help with most anything on the MUX, but don't be surprised if we direct you to a help entry or another resource to answer your questions - we've heard most of them before. And finally, don't pester us for privileges! We think a player's accomplishments speak for themselves, and try to reward them accordingly.

    2d) Don't crash or break the game on purpose. It just ruins everyone's day.

    We think these rules are very reasonable and more than fair. By registering for a character here and connecting to it, you are implying that you agree to abide by these guidelines. If you have difficulty doing so, then by all means, please go play somewhere else! There are, after all, plenty of other fish in this sea.

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    If you want a character, send email to with your preferred player name(s). Once we've received your message, we'll set up your character and send you further instructions.

    We do NOT require that you tell us your real name, or any information of a personal nature; although we often like to get to know the person behind the player, you shouldn't feel you have to answer any questions that you consider to be an invasion of your privacy. The staff will not reveal your private information (not even your email address) to any player under any circumstances. You can make your contact information publicly available if you choose, via the attributes used by the +finger command (+help +finger for info).

    The staff reserves the right to deny anyone a character for any reason.

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    The ChaoticMUX staff hierarchy can be viewed by typing +staff. As the +staff display shows, each staff member works in one or more specific areas of responsibility. If you're having trouble and need some admin attention, please talk to a staff member in the area that relates most directly to your perceived need. Our staff's purpose is to make sure you enjoy the game, so don't be shy!

    Asking (or begging, or pleading, or whining... etc.) to become a member of our staff is discouraged. Part of each Head Wizard's responsibilities is to be on the lookout for new talent, and to invite people to join his or her personal staff as that wizard sees fit. Therefore, your best strategy for joining our staff is to demonstrate your abilities to the members of the existing staff.

    However, don't assume that just because you're pretty good at something and think you know what you're doing, we'll necessarily be eager to include you in our staff. There are several mitigating factors that come into play. Preference is given to people who are more friendly and sociable - after all, this is a social MUX, and any staff members have to be willing to help other players. Another consideration is the staff-to-player ratio; if we feel we have enough staff to take care of things as they are, we will delay consideration of new additions until a more appropriate time.


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    The theme of ChaoticMUX is that there is no theme. Anything goes. The MUX has only the vaguest of central areas, and the building of neat public areas and wacky fun objects is highly encouraged. We are a primarily social MUX, so those of you who are looking for good themed RP will likely be disappointed with what we have to offer. However, plenty of games do offer good themed RP, while at the time of this MUX's inception, a good social place was hard to find.

    Our primary concerns are these: (a) that you have the opportunity to meet interesting people, (b) that you can amuse yourself pretty much any way you see fit, and (c) that you are able to get along with the fellow members of this online society.

    For more information concerning what we expect from our players, make sure to read NEWS POLICY.

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    There will always be at least as many wizards as are necessary to oversee each of the areas of admin responsibility, as denoted in +staff. These wizards are also known as Head Wizards, and they make up the ruling Council of the MUX. Other wizards may be promoted as the Council sees fit.

    It is difficult to become a wizard. In addition to the level of contribution expected from regular staff, wizards are expected to help formulate policy and decide the general direction of the MUX. They must be capable of maturity and forethought when the situation requires it, and they must put the well-being of the MUX ahead of their personal concerns when on duty. Any new wizards will be promoted from the ranks of existing staff.

    See also: NEWS STAFF

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