Kareila's photos

wed01.jpg Alierak and Kareila on their wedding day, July 1997.
sillyme.jpg Kareila in front of a quickcam, circa April 1997. Her undergraduate thesis was due and her brain was pretty fried.
s2.jpg Kareila in Seattle (well, Bellingham, to be exact...) May 2002.
Palin.jpg Kareila met Michael Palin. Yes, really. Of course, this will only impress you if you actually know who he is. If you don't know, pretend to or else Kareila will shun you forever. :)
kewpie.jpg Gratuitous cute baby picture of Kareila.
jeremiah.jpg August 11, 2001 - at LITE's house, sunburned, with a plush frog on my lap.
img083.jpg Kareila in the courtyard of the Cloisters, New York City, July 1999.
img036.jpg Kareila in the Niagara River Gorge, July 1999.
graduation.jpg Alierak and Kareila at their high school graduation, June 1993.
DCP_0467.jpg Kareila in the Boston airport, October 2000.
d2.jpg Fooling around at LITE's house, August 2002.
couch.jpg Kareila and Alierak, Christmas 1996.
clockface.jpg Kareila, December 1993.
carousel.jpg Kareila on a carousel at Walt Disney World, age 4. Further evidence that geeks are born, not made - she's looking up at the mechanism trying to figure out how it works!

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