Group Photos from Darien Lake 2002

In August of 2002 LITE decided to invite everyone on ChaoticMUX to his birthday party, and quite a few of us showed up for a weekend of fun, including a trip to the Darien Lake amusement park. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture.

0.jpg At IHOP on Friday night, someone told the waiters that Kareila and LITE were having birthdays, so they brought out sundaes and sang to us. ScottyDog got a picture of Kareila laughing embarrassedly.
1.jpg LITE was in the bathroom when the waiters came to sing happy birthday, but he got a sundae anyway. Alierak is telling him what he missed.
10.jpg After the ride, everyone was completely soaked. Left to right: Trillian, LITE, ScottyDog, and Mark.
11.jpg Further documentation of the soakings: Rachel, Alierak and sTiLe.
12.jpg Sitting around outside Barracuda Bay. Left to right: Trillian, Tallin, Phinnia, Kareila, Alierak, Rachel, sTiLe.
13.jpg Group photo, from left to right: Mark, Trillian, Tallin, Phinnia, sTiLe, ScottyDog, Alierak, Kareila, Rachel.
14.jpg Another group photo, same lineup as previous, except with LITE standing where Rachel had been.
15.jpg A picture of Rachel taking a picture of us. Since Rachel was the only member of our group who didn't play on ChaoticMUX (she's a friend of sTiLe's), we asked her to take most of the group shots, and she kindly did so.
16.jpg Rachel, Mark and ScottyDog standing around, waiting for someone to decide where to go next.
17.jpg ScottyDog and Trillian.
18.jpg Trillian looks like she's wondering why LITE is pointing a camera at her.
19.jpg Eating dinner: Phinnia, Tallin, Alierak and Trillian.
2.jpg LITE gave Kareila a nifty fool's hat as a birthday gift. He had bought one for himself as well.
20.jpg Eating dinner: Alierak, Tallin, sTiLe, Rachel, Phinnia, Trillian, & Kareila.
21.jpg For some reason, ScottyDog got shy and hid in Mark's arms when the camera was pointed at them.
22.jpg Mark and ScottyDog trying to take their own picture.
23.jpg The picture that Mark and ScottyDog took of themselves.
24.jpg ScottyDog got to try on one of the fool's hats, and Mark took great pleasure in (ahem) fondling the balls.
25.jpg Trillian and ScottyDog in fool's caps.
26.jpg At the end of the day, we joined hands to trap LITE in a circle as we sang happy birthday to him. He was not amused.
27.jpg The next morning, we drove to Rochester to meet Star and Kolys for lunch. LITE got a picture of sTiLe and Kareila as we were getting out of our cars.
28.jpg Standing around in the parking lot in Rochester: Alierak, Mark and ScottyDog.
29.jpg Some sort of animated discussion is taking place amongst Star, sTiLe, Mark, Alierak, ScottyDog, and Kareila. Probably involving the location of lunch.
3.jpg At Darien Lake the next day, LITE gave out bags of party favors as gifts to everyone who came. Look like Mark saw the wrong end of a can of silly string, and sTiLe has some on his glasses.
30.jpg Group shot in Rochester: LITE, Star, sTiLe, Mark, ScottyDog, Kolys, Kareila, & Alierak.
31.jpg Kolys, Mark and ScottyDog sitting around in Spot Coffee, playing with toys.
32.jpg LITE, Alierak & Kareila all have their drinks.
33.jpg Rachel & LITE look on as sTiLe tries to fix a broken toy.
34.jpg sTiLe kept trying to fix the airplane toy all throughout lunch.
35.jpg At some point ScottyDog got up from the table to get a group picture. Clockwise from left: Rachel, sTiLe (hidden), LITE, Alierak, Kareila, Star, Kolys, & Mark.
36.jpg After lunch, we hung out at Kolys & Star's apartment for a while and ate cookies! You can see them on the table there. Rachel, sTiLe and ScottyDog are laughing at something.
37.jpg Rachel, sTiLe, ScottyDog and Mark are being cute.
38.jpg Kolys looks dazed and confused. Or maybe it's just the saying on his shirt that gives that impression.
39.jpg Kolys and Star hugging for the camera.
4.jpg Standing outside the entrance to Darien Lake, covered in silly string. From left to right: Mark, Rachel, sTiLe, ScottyDog, Trillian.
40.jpg Someone wanted to get a picture of Alierak and Kareila, but Kareila was too tired to get out of the floor. So Alierak laid down next to her instead.
41.jpg As we were preparing to leave Rochester, sTiLe and Alierak jumped out of Kareila's car and sprayed silly string all over Mark's car.
5.jpg The aftermath of the silly string fight. Left to right: LITE, Mark, sTiLe, Trillian.
6.jpg Mark and LITE.
7.jpg Eating lunch, from left to right: LITE, Alierak, Phinnia, Tallin. You can see the other ChaoticMUX table in the background.
8.jpg Eating lunch, from left to right: ScottyDog, Mark, sTiLe, Trillian, Rachel.
9.jpg ScottyDog and Mark posing cute on the Thunder River ride, before the soakings.
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