Group Photos from Dorkathon 2003

Over the weekend of July 19 2003, a record number of dorks from ChaoticMUX converged on LITE's house in Buffalo NY for the first annual East Coast ChaoticMUX Dorkathon. Much fun was had by all and many of us took pictures. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size image.

Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 1.jpg While waiting for others to arrive, Trillian, Kholnuu and SamMulder eat breakfast.
Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 2.jpg SamMulder and LITE get cute for the camera.
Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 3.jpg Kolys doesn't seem to be entirely awake yet.
Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 4.jpg Trillian looks very serious in her new glasses.
Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 5.jpg A cute group self-portrait. From left to right: LITE, Marky, ScottyDoggie, and Kholnuu.
Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 6.jpg While setting up for a group photo, Kholnuu gets crazy.
Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 7.jpg Oh, the insanity.
Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 8.jpg After we've settled down. Left to right: Alierak, Kareila, Trillian, Kholnuu, Kolys, Star, sTiLe, Marky, ScottyDoggie, LITE, SamMulder.
Dorkathon 1 - Portraits - 9.jpg One last group photo with a different camera.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 01.jpg The now-traditional IHOP outing. Left to right: sTiLe, ScottyDoggie, and Marky.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 02.jpg Kareila grins for the camera while sTiLe has something to drink.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 03.jpg Star and Kolys wait for someone to take their order.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 04.jpg Marky and ScottyDoggie study their menus.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 05.jpg Our friend Beth takes a picture of someone taking a picture of her while her husband Matt looks on.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 06.jpg sTiLe has more fun with his camera while Alierak and Kareila look on and Kholnuu hides behind his menu.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 07.jpg Someone threw their hand in front of this picture of Kareila, sTiLe and ScottyDoggie.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 08.jpg LITE and SamMulder are being cute again while Beth looks on and Kholnuu peeks out from behind his menu.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 09.jpg More of the same as LITE sticks out his tongue at the photographer.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 10.jpg Kholnuu and Marky appear to be comparing keychains as sTiLe, Alierak and Kareila look on in amusement.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 11.jpg LITE and SamMulder are fortified behind the wall of syrup!
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 12.jpg A sideways shot of Marky and ScottyDoggie.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 13.jpg sTiLe seems to be discussing something while LITE's bemused brother Josh looks on.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 14.jpg Kholnuu appears to be making sure he has enough syrup while SamMulder and Josh have a good laugh.
Dorkathon 2 - IHOP - 15.jpg I just realized this picture isn't from IHOP, it's from our subsequent trip to Denny's. Left to right: Marky, Kareila, LITE, Kholnuu, Trillian, sTiLe, and Alierak.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 01.jpg SamMulder and Kholnuu engage in a friendly game of Uno.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 02.jpg More Uno: Kholnuu and Trillian ponder their next move.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 03.jpg Looks like people are preparing to play Curses! Left to right: LITE, SamMulder, Marky, Trillian, Kolys, Star, sTiLe, and Kholnuu.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 04.jpg sTiLe checks his camera, and Kholnuu summons his heat-ray vision.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 05.jpg sTiLe takes a picture, much to Kholnuu's bemusement.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 06.jpg sTiLe appears to be thinking way too hard about something.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 07.jpg One last picture of sTiLe for now. I can't tell what he's Cursed with - maybe having to wave his arms wildly when he talks?
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 08.jpg ScottyDoggie and Marky have another cute moment.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 09.jpg LITE looks really tired, and Trillian looks really evil.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 10.jpg Kholnuu-bunneh is Cursed!
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 11.jpg Alierak and Kareila laugh while ScottyDoggie's Curse forces her to keep her arms touching her head.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 12.jpg A rather blurred pic of Marky, Trillian and Kolys.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 13.jpg sTiLe and Kholnuu examine the bell.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 14.jpg We're still playing Curses! and I'm running out of caption ideas.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 15.jpg This picture provides a much better view of LITE's dining room than it does of Kolys, Star, and sTiLe, but we work with what we're given.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 16.jpg sTiLe is obviously amused by the card he's just drawn.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 17.jpg Kholnuu must have been shaking his head violently as this picture was snapped.
Dorkathon 3 - Games - 18.jpg A moment of passion.
Dorkathon 4 - Cats - 1.jpg sTiLe gets cute with one of LITE's cats.
Dorkathon 4 - Cats - 2.jpg Naptime.
Dorkathon 4 - Cats - 3.jpg Doubling up.
Dorkathon 4 - Cats - 4.jpg Surveying the scene from on high.
Dorkathon 4 - Cats - 5.jpg Daydreaming kitty.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 01.jpg Marky helps Kareila get plugged in as the LAN party kicks off. Alierak's just fine using his battery for now.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 02.jpg One-stop laptop shopping: Alierak, sTiLe and Marky all have theirs out.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 03.jpg SamMulder and Star work on wiring the LAN as sTiLe looks on.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 04.jpg Look, up on the ceiling! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... white dots all over the picture!
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 05.jpg Back upstairs, the computing is kicking into high gear. Clockwise from left: Kareila, Star, Kolys, Alierak, Marky, Kholnuu, and LITE.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 06.jpg Trillian enters the picture, and Marky looks like he's falling asleep.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 07.jpg There's not really much to say about a group of geeks all staring at computers, except that there are also hamburgers.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 08.jpg Hello, Trillian!
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 09.jpg Star, Kolys, and Alierak sit on what has apparently become the Mac users' couch.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 10.jpg SamMulder comes upstairs to discuss the network situation.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 11.jpg Post LAN party, Marky and ScottyDoggie are still computing.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 12.jpg Kareila checks out what Alierak is looking at.
Dorkathon 5 - LAN Party - 13.jpg Kareila and Kholnuu play a little DDR.
Dorkathon 6 - Lunch with Talphinia - 1.jpg The hairdye crew: Trillian, Kholnuu, and Phinnia.
Dorkathon 6 - Lunch with Talphinia - 2.jpg Marky and Kholnuu get a really good look at the camera.
Dorkathon 6 - Lunch with Talphinia - 3.jpg Trillian and Alierak seem happy enough.
Dorkathon 6 - Lunch with Talphinia - 4.jpg Phinnia and Tallin occupy their corner of the table.
Dorkathon 6 - Lunch with Talphinia - 5.jpg And on the near side, we have... Kareila and sTiLe being cute.
Dorkathon 6 - Lunch with Talphinia - 6.jpg One last group photo in the train station. Left to right: sTiLe, Alierak, Kareila, Kholnuu, LITE, SamMulder, Trillian, ScottyDoggie, Marky, Tallin, and Phinnia, with SeanersXP in the stroller.
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