Group Photos from Seattle 2002

In May of 2002 Kareila decided to visit Seattle for a few days, in order to meet the many ChaoticMUXers who lived there. A few other far-flung friends made the trek as well, and a huge get-together resulted! Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture.

0.jpg I call this picture "Mark is not that tall." Taken at the Vancouver Airport.
1.jpg Soreth and Josh being cute. Josh has his eyes closed.
10.jpg Well, maybe a tiny bit of evil.
11.jpg Caleris shows us what the T-shirts look like.
12.jpg Close-up on the T-shirt design.
13.jpg Malystryxx coloring her T-shirt.
14.jpg Destiny and Kareila coloring their T-shirts.
16.jpg The alpha geek of the hour: Mark and his laptop plus webcam.
17.jpg Destiny putting up balloons.
18.jpg The wizard lineup: Soreth, Kareila and Aldar.
19.jpg Caleris and Destiny.
2.jpg I have Coke. I am waiting for pizza!
22.jpg The finished shirts in all their colorful glory.
23.jpg Everyone holding up their T-shirts for a group photo.
24.jpg Visiting the Fremont troll.
25.jpg The plaque explaining the Fremont troll.
26.jpg Mark is king of the troll!
27.jpg People climbing on the troll.
28.jpg People sitting on the troll.
29.jpg Group photo with the troll. Left to right: Rahmal (Maly's boyfriend), Malystryxx, Destiny, Mark, Kareila, Caleris, Soreth, Josh, Draci.
3.jpg Mark and his... whatever drink that is, waiting for pizza.
31.jpg Josh and Draci standing by the statue of Lenin in Fremont.
32.jpg People standing around next to Lenin wondering where to go next.
33.jpg Standing around the Center of the Universe.
34.jpg Looking up at the Center of the Universe.
35.jpg Looking up at the rocketship.
36.jpg The view of Seattle from Queen Anne Park.
37.jpg Goofing off at Queen Anne Park. Left to right: Destiny, Caleris, Kareila, Josh, Soreth, Draci, Malystryxx, Mark, Rahmal.
39.jpg The entrance to the Seattle Art Museum.
4.jpg Draci, Josh, Soreth and Mark.
40.jpg Eating lunch in the shadow of WaMu.
41.jpg The WaMu building where Mark and Caleris work.
42.jpg A funny storefront near the waterfront.
43.jpg Looking out at the waterfront.
45.jpg Standing around at the waterfront.
47.jpg Destiny and Caleris being cute.
48.jpg Buying a wizard hat at Pike Place Market.
49.jpg In front of the first Starbucks with Caleris and Destiny.
5.jpg How we spend a typical day: hanging out at the apartment and playing games. Foreground: Aldar and Josh. On the bed: Draci. On the couch: Soreth and Mark. Mostly out of frame on the right: Destiny.
50.jpg Playing with ocarinas. Left to right: Josh, Destiny, Mark.
51.jpg Eating ice cream with Destiny and Caleris.
52.jpg Mark tries on the wizard hat.
53.jpg Caleris tries on the wizard hat.
54.jpg Playing Monopoly with Caleris, Mark, Aldar and Aello.
56.jpg The view of downtown from the Space Needle at night.
58.jpg Full moon over Seattle.
59.jpg The illustration on the box of stuff that Destiny shipped back to my house.
6.jpg Getting the party started. Left to right: Destiny, Kyle (quarkie's boyfriend) and quarkie.
7.jpg Soreth, Josh and Draci.
8.jpg A cake for the occasion...
9.jpg See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.
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