Group Photos from Summer 1998

In the summer of 1998, sTiLe got to stay with zLaNa for a whole month. Before long, a massive weekend-long Chaotic meeting developed, with sTiLe, zLaNa, LITE, dove, Kareila, Alierak, and arabella all in attendance. The festivities began at zLaNa's house, and progressed over the course of the weekend to Kareila and Alierak's dorm in Boston. These are the pictures which resulted. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge it.

all.jpg This is a picture of all of us. From left to right: dove, LITE, arabella, zLaNa, sTiLe, and Kareila on Alierak's back. (funny, I thought they'd be mirror images...)
all2.jpg Another pic of all of us. Same order.
all3.jpg We went up (WAAAY UP) to the top story of Kar n Rak's dorm complex. Left-to-right: zLaNa, sTiLe, LITE, dove, arabella, Kar, Rak.
ara.jpg This is arabella. I think the camera was too close, so it's a bit out of focus :/
boston.jpg A picture of Boston taken from the top of the dorm complex.
boston2.jpg Another picture of Boston.
boston3.jpg More of Boston.
chalk.jpg zLaNa and sTiLe made up bags of party favors for everyone, and among them were bubbles and CHALK! Everyone went crazy on the road in front of the house, drawing all over it while attempting not to get run over. Here you can see sTiLe's pictures of lemmings, Kareila's Coke can, and to the left, LITE's birdhouse and TMBG symbol.
chalk2.jpg More of sTiLe's lemmings, building a bridge onto a set of spikes... and.. oh cute. Those Z lookin things are bubbles.. perhaps a subliminal sign? ;)
chalk3.jpg This was an attempt to get most of the art in one picture. Towards the upper right is the big banner that sTiLe and zLaNa made while waiting for everyone to arrive cause they couldn't find anything better to keep them busy. Below that, in the far right, you can see where zLaNa's dad miserably failed to spell ROTFLOL. We decided his acronym stood for Rolling On The Lawn, Farting Out Loud!
chaotic.jpg This is a picture of It's upside down and out of focus. Isn't that typical?
dove.jpg This is dove.
dove2.jpg dove, cheering, but with a strangely demonic look on her face... :o
heads.jpg This is,'s sibling. The actual computer is hiding to the left of the monitor. itself is sitting below the desk. All alone.
karnrak.jpg The backs of Kareila and Alierak.
karnrak2.jpg Rak just didn't want his picture taken :)
karnrak3.jpg ... but we convinced him, as long as Kar was there.
light.jpg Hehe. LITE and sTiLe were having great fun bapping each other with balloons until, accidentally, sTiLe reached up to bap LITE and nailed a lightbulb instead. The lightbulb went POW (we have it on video tape!!) and actually hung by a thread from the socket. Here's a picture of it after we got it loose.
lite.jpg This is your favorite little pixie. The wings are hidden. ;)
litefiddle.jpg This is LITE fiddling with something.
litestile.jpg In true lemming style, sTiLe was attempting to crawl up the glass and over the edge, but LITE managed to get a hand on his shoulder first.
lucky.jpg This is a picture of the strategy game we bought in Harvard Square, called Kill Doctor Lucky. If you look in the foreground, you can see zLaNa's blue fingernails!
stile.jpg Here's the lemming, holding up a picture of a REAL lemming.
stilenzlana.jpg sTiLe and zLaNa. How come sTiLe never has his eyes open for these things?!
subway.jpg A very dark, very strange picture of a subway platform. (It's sideways.)
szcoke.jpg sTiLe and zLaNa, holding their baby, a little baby coke bottle! (Be afraid...)
ydkj.jpg The girls are playing LITE's copy of You Don't Know Jack on Kareila's laptop. Yes, we meet in real life to play on computers.
ydkj2.jpg More YDKJ. Looks like this question has everyone stumped.
zlana.jpg This is zLaNa.. again, the picture came out bad.
zlana2.jpg zLaNa - again, I guess it was too close. Oh well, in this one you get a better look at her.
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