Group Photos from Thanksgiving 1999

To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, a few Chaotic folks decided to come help Kareila eat Alierak's first attempt at cooking a Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, everything turned out to be quite delicious and the weekend went amazingly well. On the day after Thanksgiving, we decided to take a whirlwind tour of downtown Boston, and these are the pictures we took then. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge it.

copley.jpg Katchoo and Kareila playing on statues of the tortoise and the hare in Copley Square.
fao.jpg Kalidor, Katchoo, and the FAO Schwartz teddy bear.
looney.jpg The gang poses for a pic outside of the Warner Brothers store at Quincy Market. From left to right: zLaNa, Shinobi, Daffy, Katchoo, Kalidor, and Alierak. (Kareila was taking the picture, so you don't get to see her.)
samadams.jpg Katchoo at the base of the statue of Samuel Adams outside Faneuil Hall. (We don't know who the little girl is. Katchoo attracts kids like a magnet.)
trinity.jpg Katchoo and Kalidor at the base of a statue outside Trinity Church in Copley Square.
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