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Aldar want MUX letters back! Kareila say put back but no change! Aldar angry! Hit all with big stick! Then Aldar be king, rule all! Rule with big stick! Kill many mammoth, feed tribe, better than Puzzle Thing! Puzzle Thing die, Aldar take place! All cave woman follow Aldar! All cave woman like Aldar better! Aldar best cave man. Aldar make good paintings of King Aldar killing big mammoth on wall. Drive cave woman mad. Aldar stop talk now, head hurt, Aldar meet new Cave Woman then go sleep.

[Public] Draq says, "zenty=No, you need to make brain"

LITE throws a handful of Pixie Dust at LITE. When all the sparklees clear, LITE is all Pervert! *giggle*

Enigma has connected.

Announcement: Enigma shouts "What's all this then"

Attention: Aldar screams, "Hello blashemous puzzle one. Back to your post as janitor of my temple."

Announcement: Enigma uses Aldar to clean his cosmic toilet.

Announcement: LITE shouts "Hey, Niggy...kill Aldar. Take away ALL his power.."

Attention: Aldar screeches, "I cannot be destroyed!"

Attention: Aldar booms, "I am all powerful!"

Announcement: Enigma shouts "But then you'd all be... happy."

Announcement: Enigma can't have that.

Attention: Aldar yells, "hahahah!"

Attention: Aldar barks, "Enigma is my ever faithful underling, masked with the falsity of being a god of some sort!"

Attention: Aldar shrieks, "Enigma is a powerless good for nothing dustrag."

Attention: Aldar vociferates, "With dog crap all over him and rats chewing on the frayed edges."

Attention: Aldar barks, "Bits of overused atomic nuclei scattered all over the place"

Announcement: Enigma yawns. "Once again, you bore me."

Announcement: LITE snores.

Attention: Aldar hollers, "You would say that oh ever bored one"

Attention: Aldar squawks, "What a pitiful excuse for a whatever the hell you are"

From the Birdhouse in his Soul, LITE thinks Enigma should find a nice lovely Goddess to woo

Announcement: Enigma shouts "or God."

Announcement: Enigma ogles LITE.

From the Birdhouse in his Soul, LITE ERKS!

Announcement: Bobby hehs

Announcement: Enigma laughs maniacally

Enigma has disconnected.

From the Birdhouse in his Soul, LITE screams, "Well, back in my day, MU**s weren't very popular either..then came along a silly old pixie and a silly young coke-drinking wench and Silliness and Insanity got a name. And it's name was's name was ChaoticMUX!"

At the top of her voice, Kareila likes Bluto better.

[Public] Burning has joined this channel. What a social dork. :)

[Public] The Frumious Burning says, "Alierak, I want you to bear my children."

[Public] Alierak says, "feh!"

[Public] The Frumious Burning is crushed. *sob*, etc.

[Public] Mad Scientist Kareila gleeps worriedly

[Public] Alierak is married and stuff :)

[Public] Mad Scientist Kareila says, "I thought I was bearing *his* children... :o"

[Public] Draq . o O ( Oh my, the Case of the Misplaced Gender. )

[Public] The Frumious Burning cancels the surgical procedures.

[Public] Ashen-Shugar nods solemly "To be weird, one must let go of their sanity, drink deeply from the everclear of neverending thirst, and smoke heavilly from the ritualistic herbs passed down from father to father. Once prepared appropiately thou must hang from a tall shrubbery in only furry robes beating your chest and yelling 'I love monkey, and monkey loves me'. Then my son, you shall be 'He Who Sits High' in the weird."

LOGIN: Lindan has connected.

[Public] Mad Scientist Kareila says, "besides I was making $7 an hour sitting on my butt at home so whadya think I'd do? ;)"

[Public] Lindan says, "how do I make 7/hour sitting on your but again? :P"

[Public] Mad Scientist Kareila LOL, hi Lindan

[Public] sTiLe says, "I can just see kar.. she labors all the way up the stairs, the elevator being in service.. she goes to the coke machine.. puts in the change, presses the button.. AIGH! the little red light! no! she presses the other coke buttons, all of them used up!"

[Public] sTiLe says, "the headlines: 3 killed in the brutal coke-machine-ing death.."

[Public] sTiLe says, "says one witness: She got this real weird look on her face.. then.. she picked up the coke machine, lifted it up, and threw it out the window!"

[Public] sTiLe says, "the victims in the death ironically (or not?) appear to be coke machine repair people, coming with a full load of coke to fill the machine.. kareila, being on a rampage and all, crawled down the side of the building and drove the coke truck away ;)"

[Public] sTiLe says, "we should make a ChaoticMUX newspaper :)"

[Public] Randis will give free breast checks to anyone wantin' 'em. :)

[Public] Hidding from the LagBeast, Wraith says, "meme!"

[Public] Hidding from the LagBeast, Wraith says, "Give me a breast exam Randis!!! =P"

[Public] BanaenaBrain Jaena covers her eyes. :P

[Public] The adorable, and squeezable winnie the poohbear says, "LOL"

[Public] Hidding from the LagBeast, Wraith looks at his noncorpreal form. "Er, then again........"

[Public] Randis fondles Wraith. "You've got a lump here...wait, this isn't your breast!"

[Public] Hidding from the LagBeast, Wraith slapps Randis. "Flirt."

[Public] Mad Scientist Kareila snickers

[Public] BanaenaBrain Jaena laughs. :)

[Public] Hidding from the LagBeast, Wraith bats his i's

[Public] Randis rubs his cheek. "What a dame."

[Public] Monty pOOh-thon, poohbear moves to the other side of the MU

[Public] BanaenaBrain Jaena grins.. :)

[Public] Hidding from the LagBeast, Wraith lafffs. "Chaotic: Anything goes! (as long as Mommy isnna watching)"

sTiLe says "guess what I just had for the first time ever?"

Kareila says "sex?"

sTiLe baps kar

Kareila :)

LITE says "Not without zLaNa, karkar..takes two ;)"

Alierak says "phone sex?"

sTiLe says "today.. just had my first ever coney-hotdog"

Kareila rotfl

sTiLe boots the both of you

Kareila likes our idea better

sTiLe says "Wonder what happened in bed last nite to get them both thinking about htat.."

LITE boots sTiLe

sTiLe cries

Kareila looks innocent

sTiLe lol

[Admin] WIZARD! HAHAH! POWER! sTiLe says, "is robby there?"

[Admin] When she has the time, Kareila says, "yeah"

[Admin] WIZARD! HAHAH! POWER! sTiLe says, "does he have time to help me delete gcc?"

[Admin] WIZARD! HAHAH! POWER! sTiLe says, "er I mean "debug"?"

[Public] Planeswalker Doma attempts to cast Slay Living on LITE, but the spell fails. "Odd. That's never happened before..."

[Public] One Head LITE isn't dead yet..

[Public] Fluorescent LITE is pining for the fjords

[Public] Planeswalker Doma hmms? "No, Slay Living is the inversion of Raise Dead. It should kill anyone except... *gasp* THE UNDEAD!"

[Public] Turn On a Million Blinding Brilliant White Incendiary LITE looks strangely at Doma. Yer a very silly person too and I don't wanna talk to you no more

[Public] Planeswalker Doma gets out the cross and holy water. "Back, pixie of Satan! You won't have my soul!"

[Public] Cookie Monster wannabe LITE says, "Not even for a cookie?"

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila lol

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "Well... tempting..."

[Public] Draq says, "Got Milk?"

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "No! You can't fool me, Tempter! Prince of Lies! BEGONE!"

[Public] Sometimes I feel like a Village Idiot... LITE pouts at Doma

[Public] For some reason, Alierak says, "silly is good, LITE."

[Public] You Don't Know JACK! LITE says, "How about a Cookie AND a cup of cold frothy milk?"

[Public] For some reason, Alierak says, "I mean, how would we ever build up a cool quote page without stuff like this?"

[Public] Planeswalker Doma eeps. "You... AREN'T logging this, are you?"

[Public] Draq . o O ( FROTHY milk!? Don't take it. ;)

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "no no no, of course not."

[Public] Planeswalker Doma hates milk anyway. Too... wholesome.

[Public] FLASH LITE herms...How about Cookie..and a Can of Coke?

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila is cutting and pasting the funny parts. ;)

[Public] Day LITE bets Kareila would sell her soul for that ;)

[Public] Planeswalker Doma is sorely tempted.

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "Oh, carry on then Kar. :)"

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "thankee"

[Public] You Don't Know JACK! LITE says, "Oh Right. Final offer. A Cookie, A can of Coke and...a box of chocolates for your soul, Doma.."

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "my soul's worth at least a 6 pack of Coke."

[Public] Nite LITE says, "SOLD!"

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "Must... resist... LITEifer..."

[Public] The Warped Wiz! LITE gives Kareila a 6 pack of coke and takes her soul

[Public] For some reason, Alierak steals it back from LITE

[Public] Planeswalker Doma nabs Kar's soul and runs off.

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "ha! I fooled you! that's a SOLE!"

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "Heheheh."

[Public] You Don't Know JACK! LITE says, "Ew...Fish =P"

[Public] Cookie Monster wannabe LITE says, "You can keep it, Alierak"

[Public] For some reason, Alierak says, "okay"

[Public] For some reason, Alierak cooks it

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "am I gonna have to eat that?"

[Public] ChaoticMUX's Official Typo LITE says, "Right...FInal Final offer. A cookie, A box of choccies and a six pack of coke for your soul, Doma"

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "Thank you for your gifts, my soul will appreciate them. :P"

[Public] For some reason, Alierak says, "no, I'll eat it all if you don't want any. But you'd like it, it's your sole..."

[Public] Nite LITE says, "Right."

[Public] Nite LITE takes Doma's soul, leaving the gifts and dissapears in a heap of flaming pixie dust and a putrid smell of a hundred matches being lit at once.

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "Eww!"

[Public] For some reason, Alierak likes that smell

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "it's only a rubber sole."

[Public] For some reason, Alierak aarghs

[Public] Planeswalker Doma grins, taking LITE's stuff. "The fool didn't realize I had three souls. Two's more than enough for me. :)"

[Public] Turn On a Million Blinding Brilliant White Incendiary LITE chuckles thinking that the fool didn't realize I took all three..and Draq's while I was there

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "Draq has a soul?"

[Public] Draq says, "What? I don't have a soul. I ate it thinking it was dinner. ;P"

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "If you took all three then I'm delusional. I'd cease to exist in this form if I lost all three."

[Public] The Magickal Mystical LITE says, "'s really a halibut"

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "but this whole conversation is a mass delusion."

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "Oh, then I haven't really lost my soul! Cool."

[Public] Fluorescent LITE says, "Doma never existed. He is a mass delusion"

[Public] Planeswalker Doma says, "Very funny. Now unDARK me. :)"

[Public] One Head LITE says, "You don't exist. I have all your souls..and halibuts and trout and even the little golfish you keep in the toilet.."

LITE is coming up after Kareila..i will be King of Acro..AGAIN!

Kareila says "neverrrrrrrrr"

LITE looks at AcroHi..actually..I am =) Kareila is just queen =)

Alierak says "Kar is King of Acro!"

Kareila says "?"

LITE says "And arabella princess something or other"

sTiLe uhs at alierak

sTiLe says "ok, I'll trust you ont hat one, you'd know"

Draci *tailthwaps* stile. :P

Kareila says "rak, you fairy"

sTiLe grins

sTiLe lol

LITE thought he was the fairy

LITE looks damned confused

sTiLe thought you were the pixie

sTiLe grins

LITE says "First I find out Kar is a guy and then that Rak is a fairy??"

sTiLe turns lite into a lemming in his moment of confusion

Reddragon says "umm."

LITE says "What about you, sTiLe? Got any confessions???"

Reddragon says "oooookkaaaaayyy."

sTiLe once ate a whole outboard motor.

Kareila says "stile's the cute one"

Reddragon begins to walk away... slowly.

sTiLe says "or whatever they're called"

LITE isn't the cute one..

LITE chuckles n sees another quote..

sTiLe grins

Reddragon leaves

Reddragon has left.

sTiLe says "I think this whole conversation deserves quoting"

Alierak laffs too hard to type

sTiLe laughs

LITE agrees

[Admin] Borrowing some of Kar's time, Alierak says, "spank me with a splintered ruler"

[Admin] When she has the time, Kareila says, "ok"

[Admin] WIZARD! HAHAH! POWER! sTiLe says, "ok"

[Admin] When she has the time, Kareila lol

[Admin] WIZARD! HAHAH! POWER! sTiLe spanks alierak with a splintered ruler

[Admin] WIZARD! HAHAH! POWER! sTiLe hands it to kar

[Admin] umop ap!sdn, Bobby laughs

[Admin] When she has the time, Kareila says, "thanks"

[Admin] WIZARD! HAHAH! POWER! sTiLe snitches it back

[Admin] WIZARD! HAHAH! POWER! sTiLe says, "kar don't need it for that ;)"

[Admin] Borrowing some of Kar's time, Alierak rotfl

[Public] Professional computato, sTiLe eats his telnet app

[Public] Draq says, "Did it taste good?"

[Public] Ever get the feeling that Wraith begs for scraps

[Public] Professional computato, sTiLe says, "whenever system loads are high, simplemu spews up previous text rather than what comes in"

[Public] Professional computato, sTiLe says, "yeah, actually"

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila lol

[Public] Professional computato, sTiLe hands wraith the odd byte or two

[Public] I'm a Fireman, I burn books Shane says, "Can I have some? Or did you already finish it?"

[Public] Ever get the feeling that Wraith munches hungrily.

[Public] Mad Shell Scientist Kareila says, "you cybervultures you"

[Public] Professional computato, sTiLe chucks a '1' at shane

[Public] A Bottle in front of me? OR a Frontal Lobotomy? Shane eats the '1'

[Public] Ever get the feeling that Wraith burps, then has gas. "Bad bytes. I think i caught a virus."

[Public] Draq gives Wraith a box of antivirus.

[Public] Ever get the feeling that Wraith swallows the box

[Public] Professional computato, sTiLe grins

[Public] Draq says, "Hmm, it seems the antivirus was itself infected with the infamous "Good Times" virus! FEAR! ;)"

[Public] Ever get the feeling that Wraith curses.

sTiLe pokes rak for not voting

Alierak was pouring code

Alierak was pouring coke

Kareila !

sTiLe dumps code at rak

Kareila giggles

Alierak rotfl

Kareila @nukes whoever used 'knowjack'

poohbear says "hey!!"

Kareila says "@nuke is too harsh? hmm."

Kareila @nudes then.

poohbear runs around naked

sTiLe laughs at kar

Draci covers his eyes. Eww.

sTiLe says "that should be a command"

Shane laughs

sTiLe says "and a NUDE flag"

sTiLe says "just to annoy people"

Kareila has won the game!
Name                         Points
sTiLe                            19
poohbear                          2
Kareila                          38
Shane                            13
Alierak                          10
Draci                            10
Reddragon                         0

Shane wanted to change his, but screwed up at the last minute

sTiLe poops messily

Kareila says "38????"

Kareila has kittens


sTiLe counts the kitties, wow, 50, alierak, you overachiever ;)

Kareila says "50???"

Kareila has a cow

sTiLe says "and a cow?"

sTiLe says "jeez, rak"

sTiLe says "give the woman a break"

Alierak says "argh"

poohbear says "at least we are sticking to mammals"

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