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[Music] Enjoying a Long Tall Weekend, LITE says, "What y'all wanna do? Wanna be wizzies? Get busies? Oh please! Spinnin round n round until yer dizzies? Shaking up your coke, drinkin all of the fizzies?"

Alierak shakes the Magic 8 Ball On Crack, and asks: 'What are we here for?'

Then turns the Magic 8 Ball On Crack over.

It reveals the answer of: "All you do is take, take, take!"

Kareila says "..."

LITE types ---> take Kareila

LITE grynz

Kareila whaps LITE. LITE owies!

LITE grynz

LITE shakes the Magic 8 Ball On Crack, and asks: 'Don't you love me anymore?'

Then turns the Magic 8 Ball On Crack over.

It reveals the answer of: "Heh, What a Loser..."


Kareila lol

LITE falls off his chair laughing

LITE says "That's almost quotable"

Alierak shakes the Magic 8 Ball On Crack, and asks: 'Can we quote you on that?'

Then turns the Magic 8 Ball On Crack over.

It reveals the answer of: "Yup!"


LITE says "Not a stupid ball!"

LITE shakes the Magic 8 Ball On Crack, and asks: 'You DO realize that you'll be put on the webpage where everyone can see it and laugh at you, right?'

Then turns the Magic 8 Ball On Crack over.

It reveals the answer of: "It's Hammer Time!"

Stebe lols

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko says, "ew. very old leather."

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "Many people don't know you can eat almost anything made of leather."

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko has a leather jacket. If he can actually eat the entire thing, you get a dollar. If not, he gets to eat you.

(>Public<) The Characteristic Kareila says, "such a deal!"

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David for examples, and tries to eat Aldar, only to discover that's a cotton robe. Bah.

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "Wonko, that's a silly bet. You're really going to pay me a dollar to eat your leather coat?"

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "That is, *you* eat it."

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko nods. "Only if I can finish it. And I"ll try my darndest."

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko says, "If I can't finish it, I'll put you in the freezer and eat you tomorrow."

(>Public<) The Comatose Kareila says, "he'll thank you for the freezer, I'm sure."

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "Yes, I will!"

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David would give his left arm to be in a freezer....wait a minute....

(>Public<) The Captivating Kareila says, "careful what you wish for :)"

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko grins and pulls out a saw.

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David gets hypothetically confused.

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko has a freezer. You have an arm. He also has a saw. Simple equasion. Bwahaha.

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko says, "Ok, I'm done now. Gotta go get some real food."

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "Yup."

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko says, "David, I'll be at either the cafeteria in 5 minutes, or your house in however long it takes to drive to wherever the hell you live."

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David grabs the saw form Wonko, and threatens to cut him unless Wonko lets him into the freezer. Simple math.

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko watches David gore himself on the saw blade as he grabs it.

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko laughs.

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko says, "tell ya what, while I'm away at dinner you can chill (no pun intended) in my freezer. I'll leave it open."

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "You can laugh all you want, I still have the saw, and I know how to use it! So let me into *passes out from blood loss*"

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko grins and waves. Later all.

(>Public<) The Cornflake Kareila wavers.

(>Public<) Child of Flirm Wonko idles to death.

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David flirms flirmily.

(>Public<) Lindan leaps across the mux and tacklehugs Kare

(>Public<) Lindan says, "for lack of anything to do, really"

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "You could treat my wounds, but Nooooooooooooooooooo."

(>Public<) Lindan looks around for salt

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "There's some in the pantry."

(>Public<) Lindan says, "oh thanks"

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "No prob."

(>Public<) Lindan gets some salt and applies it to the wound

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David thinks he just made a mistake.

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!"

(>Public<) Shake, Rattle and ROLL! David says, "See if I tell you where the pepper is!"

(>Public<) Lindan grins

(Chaotic Public) Flexing His... Vocabulary, Zero Cool says, "is that 'live' or 'live'? :)"

(Chaotic Public) David says, "It's 'live'."

(Chaotic Public) Flexing His... Vocabulary, Zero Cool lol

(Chaotic Public) Flexing his muscles, Eric says, "Its all clear now"

(Chaotic Public) David . o O (Ask a stupid question...)

(Chaotic Public) David lalalalas.

(Chaotic Public) The Mighty Lork the Mighty ponders the lalala

(Chaotic Public) The Mighty Lork the Mighty says, "Such a sound... Purely ambiguous of any communicational meaning in this medium of speech... The language gives no definition to it in such contet, and yet.. It is... It is because it must be.. Everything exists, and must exist, for if anything did not exist, then there could be no concept of everything... there would merely be nothing.. and yet, there would be no concept of nothing either, for it is parallel of everything... and without the two, there can be neiather. Both good and evil must exist for this reason, but neither has any larger bearing than can be seen.. There is a place, where such does not exist.. adn even in there.. It is... for it must be, as all things"

(Chaotic Public) David wants some of what you're smoking.

(Chaotic Public) The Mighty Lork the Mighty chuckles softly and grins

(Chaotic Public) The Mighty Lork the Mighty says, "The mindset of the ponderer, he who broods eternally, above the chains of the physical body, he who has acchieved a higher perception.. this mind is all minds, needing only to detach the mind, to open the mind through physical method... the dispersion of the physical limitations only attainable through the subjecting of the self to physical tools... Such a paradox this is.. To depart the body by subjecting it to methods purely phisical..."

(Chaotic Public) David points to his last comment.

(Chaotic Public) The Mighty Lork the Mighty says, "Such is the way of existence... Through the manipulation of an allocation, its polar opposite is subsequently changed.. And nothing can be isolated... for it will always affect another allocation"

(Chaotic Public) The Mighty Lork the Mighty nods, "All can be obtained if it is taken as such and believed to affect as one believes it to... This is all I can dpak on the matter, for this is all that I know of it

(Chaotic Public) David says, "It's actually probably *more* then what you know on the matter."

(Chaotic Public) The Mighty Lork the Mighty nods, "Such is highly probable, Knowledge is relative.. Like a grain of sand next to a primitive protozoa, and inversely next to a mountain.... What is known to the body, and what is known to the mind is very different, as a simple organism too small for the physical eye to see unaided, may be killed in minuite within the body of a healthy entity, and yet at the same time, multiply and devour the body of one who has no defense.. Certainty is a concept that can rarely be applied

(Chaotic Public) David pretends to care.

(Chaotic Public) The Mighty Lork the Mighty sees no need for such deceptions

(Public) Habitual Snake David says, "Does anyone think Windows ME is a great name?"

(Public) Habitual Snake David says, "You can now use windows as an insult."

(Public) Habitual Snake David says, "Oh yeah! Well...Windows YOU!"

(Public) The Superluminal Soreth already was.

(Public) Habitual Snake David says, "Well, yeah, but now it actually sounds like a verb."

(Public) Get your own damn comtitle, this one's TAKEN, Nyssa says, "Ewww, he's been windowed. ;)"

(Public) Habitual Snake David says, "What the windows is going on in here?"

(Public) Habitual Snake David says, "Get that Windowsing moron out of there!"

[Test] David says, "Doh."

[Test] Crack Pot says, "Hes the text of weird"

[Test] David says, "You are the weird text."

[Test] Crack Pot says, "Inset#-1 function recursion limit exceededu#-1 function recursion limit exceeded the s are you stay up sex me adesc me ."

[Test] David says, "Is that a preposition?"

[Test] Crack Pot says, "Not o.o"

[Test] David says, "Whew."

[Test] Crack Pot says, "I mentioned aldar?"

[Test] David says, "You want to have sex with Aldar?"

[Test] Crack Pot says, "Pervert!"

[Test] David says, "Hey, you mentioned it!"

[Test] Crack Pot says, "Yes."

[Test] David says, "But I can't? Isn't that hypocritical?"

[Test] Crack Pot says, "Hehe."

[Test] David says, "This thing acts almost real. :)"

[Test] Crack Pot says, "Crack pot."

Draci says "argh, too used to markjr"

Nyssa ah's

Nyssa tehe's

Draci types ---> unsuper-size mark

Mark rofl!

LOGIN: Josh has connected.

(>Public<) Josh says, "What a strange sensation. I think it's called restedness."

(>Public<) Josh waves.

(>Public<) The Charismatic Kareila points at Josh and screams. "You're one of THEM!"

(>Public<) Josh says, " of the people who can sleep in on Thursdays?"

(>Public<) The Crispy Kareila nods and slowly backs away.

(>Public<) Josh says, "Does it help to mention I have 8 AM classes the three days before that?"

(>Public<) Josh says, "Hence, I'm doomed to get too little sleep this coming Sunday night and will then rejoin the masses in sleep deprivation?"

(>Public<) The CandyCane Kareila eyes Josh warily, but stops backing away. "Maybe."

(>Public<) Rage says, "Rest is a myth. Like dry land. Don't go spreading your cult nonsense around here."

(>Public<) Josh says, "I'd think you'd be rushing me to drain my energy, actually. *shrug*"

(>Public<) Josh says, "But dryland exists too! *crazed look*"

(>Public<) The Coderwench Kareila shakes her head sadly.

(>Public<) Josh says, "I just wish I could find it... all the rain on campus lately has made it decidedly WET land."

(>Public<) Rage begins sobbing hysterically, "Kar, tell me this isn't happening."

(>Public<) The Candid Kareila says, "This isn't happening."

(>Public<) Rage instantly regains compsure. "Phew. What a relief."

(>Public<) Rage says, "Compsure. Comp... sure. I'm missing something. Something round."

(>Public<) Josh says, "Buddha?"

(>Public<) The Childlike Kareila says, "Donut?"

(>Public<) Josh says, "Babies!"

(>Public<) Rage says, "Ah. Yes. Exactly."

(>Public<) Josh says, "Very small rocks!"

(>Public<) Rage says, "Compdonutbuddhababyrocksure."

LOGIN: Ladybug has connected.

(>Public<) The HUG BUG Ladybug logs on & blows kisses to the masses.

(>Public<) Josh waves.

(>Public<) Josh says, "Ladybug, quick, does dry land exist?"

(>Public<) The HUG BUG Ladybug says, "Ummm, sure?"

(>Public<) Josh says, "SEE! I'm NOT insane!"

(>Public<) The HUG BUG Ladybug says, "What did I walk in on?"

(>Public<) The Considerate Kareila says, "I fail to see how the two statements are related."

(>Public<) Josh says, "Kareila and Rage claim that neither 'rest' nor 'dry land' exist."

(>Public<) The Considerate Kareila says, "In fact, by questioning your own perceptions you throw your own sanity further into doubt."

(>Public<) Rage sighs. "Look, it's all very simple, based on known and accepted -common sense- facts. The world we know is the back of a great Star Goat. And what is that goat made of? Kar?"

(>Public<) The Calculating Kareila says, "styrofoam"

(>Public<) Josh CACKLES.

(>Public<) Rage says, "Exactly. A soupy ocean of styrofoam. There's no "dry land" anywhere in the equation. Hence, you must be mistaken."

(>Public<) Josh says, "But what if the Star Goat were to find a discarded continent and eat it? Goats will eat anything, you know. And then, the continent might float to the top and dry off with time..."

(>Public<) Rage says, "A discarded continent. How utterly ludicrous. If you're not going to be serious, I don't see the point in continuing."

(>Public<) Josh says, "Oh, I'm not so sure about it being ludicrous. They're just myths, of course, but I've heard of other races that have such utter disregard for their lands that they ruin them and then eventually are forced to throw them away."

(>Public<) Josh says, "But then the Star Goat might clean them off by licking them..."

(>Public<) Josh says, "By the way, what's this cosmic goat named, anyway?"

(>Public<) Rage realizes he has no idea. "My entire belief system is a sham! Curse you for disillusioning me!"

(>Public<) Josh says, "Worldview-shatterings, just another of the services I offer. ;P"

(>Public<) Rage says, "Oh, okay. How much do I owe you for that one?"

(>Public<) Josh scratches his head.

(>Public<) Josh says, "Nobody's ever thought to pay me for it before. Um."

(>Public<) Josh says, "I have no idea what it's worth. *blink*"

(>Public<) Rage says, "Not the best way to run a business, I have to say."

(>Public<) Josh says, "Ah well, I can always start dispensing advice nobody wants and charging for it. That'll get me either rich or dead quickly."

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Don't you hate it when you do /recall 20 and get /recall 20- instead?"

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, "Would that recall all but the first 20 lines you'd gotten?"

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Yes, it does."

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Well, the last 980 lines I''ve gotten."

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, "Okay, all but the oldest 20 lines still in the buffer. :P"

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Yes, and when I do /recall 20 to find out what I was talking about, I really don't need my entire buffer."

ChaoticMUX: Josh laughs.

ChaoticMUX: David says, "From now on, I will do /recall 21, or /recall 51, or whatever, instead of 0."

ChaoticMUX: rm -rf Neo says, "Are you racist against Zer0s?"

ChaoticMUX: David says, "That's no racists, that's muberist."

ChaoticMUX: David says, "numberist."

ChaoticMUX: The Pizza Cats are Samurai, and I'd like to note: Lork the Mighty says, "!!"

ChaoticMUX: David says, "And, no, I discriminate against -'s."

ChaoticMUX: WWSD Neo says, "Oh, so you believe numbers are non-humans, do you?"

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Yes."

ChaoticMUX: #-1 DON'T WANNA, CAN'T MAKE ME! Lork the Mighty says, "Damnit! I'm telling you! There's a DIFFERENCE between MUMMERS, and Inner sailor senshi!"

ChaoticMUX: David says, "And they have no race."

ChaoticMUX: Josh *ROFL*

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, "I am Sailor Bighat! And I am Sailor Sillyplume! ;P"

ChaoticMUX: David finds out you can't /recall backwards.

ChaoticMUX: Now how would THAT be in my jacket pocket?! Lork the Mighty grins

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Be cool if you could do /recall 1000-950 and get the last 50 lines bacwards."

ChaoticMUX: Its all gone Crackerduck!! Lork the Mighty says, "That was a reference to a dream I had once, in which I got into an argument with this girl from jersy over the differences between the two ^.^;;;"

ChaoticMUX: Josh laughs!

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, "Dammit, why don't I have dreams like that?"

ChaoticMUX: David had a weird dream last night.

ChaoticMUX: David says, "I dreamed I woke up and started talking to people here about a dream I had last night."

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Then I pinched myself, like this, and everything disappeared."

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, "Going down. Bye."

ChaoticMUX: David watches everything disapeear and he wakes up.

ChaoticMUX: Josh grins.

ChaoticMUX: Don't Panic, Neo thinks it would be cool to type /recall -50 and get the next fifty lines you WILL type.

ChaoticMUX: David says, "OOO."

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, "Wow, you'd never hafta think again."

ChaoticMUX: David says, "No onlt that, but other peopel wouldn't have to think either."

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Because you could see what they were typing."

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Although it's be a little confusing, cause you don'have the time they will type it, so you could answer a question they weren't going to ask for an hour and half and they'll have no idea what you're talking about."

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, "That would probably cause a paradox."

ChaoticMUX: David says, "Now everyone be quiest, I'm trying to fit tomorrow's winning lottery numbers in my scrollforward buffer."

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, "Since they would then not ask the question, and then you wouldn't have seen it in your /recall -50 and so you wouldn't have answered it so they WILL ask it so..."

ChaoticMUX: Voodoo of Monkeys, Lork the Mighty o_O

ChaoticMUX: David says, "A paradox can be paradoctored."

ChaoticMUX: Josh says, " a paramedic. Ha. Ha."

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