List O' Logs

One of the nice things about interacting in a text-based reality like ours is that you can record (or "log") the output at any given time. Then days or years later, you can go back and reread the log, and it's just like being there again. Or if you weren't there, you can be there for the first time by reading someone else's log. You don't have to rely on second-hand retellings to find out what happened. The only problem is, you have to remember to make the log in the first place!

In that spirit, we present here some of our more memorable logs from seasons past. These are all rather lengthy; the shorter records are archived on our quotes page instead.

Professor Trivial -- June 21, 1998
A series of logs that perpetuate the myth of the mysterious professor and his magical, maniacal hat.

Storytime Log -- October 1, 1998
This is Draci's version of the log from the storytelling session we held on our second birthday. Many of our oldest players talk about their most memorable experiences on ChaoticMUX.
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