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The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE flaunts his tickets to Two Towers tommorow at Midnite! XD

By the power of greyskull, Aello steals it and replaces it with a ticket for 'maid from manhatten'


The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE cackles

In the Suitcase, trillian bellows, "LITE, I think your wallet's been stolen."

By the power of greyskull, Aello steals LITE's wallet and replaces it with a flounder

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE yammers, "wha? huh? D'oh! Good thing I have backup tickets them in a super secret hiding place :)"

By the power of greyskull, Aello shrieks, "your shoes?"

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE isn't saying. if I say, ye'll steal those too!

By the power of greyskull, Aello pulls a Locke and steals LITE's clothes

By the power of greyskull, Aello blathers, "these are a little tight, but they'll do"

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE shrieks, "Anyways.. I only wear a single shirt... no shoes"

In the Suitcase, trillian squawks, "I don't think LITE is wearing any shorts, though. o_o"

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE bawls, "and I am now NAKED!"

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE runs around the MUX NAKED!!!

Annoyance: LossThoron throws a handfull of cookies into the air. ( Double chocolate chip with sprinkles )

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE steals the chocolate chips, NAKED!

LOGIN: Vissith has connected.

In the Suitcase, trillian blathers, "Vissith, Aello is stripping the pixie!"

Lord of Delusion, Vissith ...

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE is NAKED! FREE for the whole world to SEE! NAKED!!

Cover your... ears! Elrylas's head explodes.

Lord of Delusion, Vissith just came out of a final and is easily confused

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute TwiLITE is Naked AND has Two Towers tickets!! ^^

Cover your... ears! Elrylas is sans cranium.

Dazed and Confused, William cries, "...TwiLITE is now FlashLITE."

Cover your... ears! Elrylas shouts, "LOL"

The *EVIL* and NOT Cute FlashLITE bawls, "NAKED!!"

muad'tril says "(WITTICISM)"

Soreth says "(DROLL RESPONSE)"

Lain has a cavity. >_>


TwiLITE is sorry.

Lain infects LITE with cavity: the kissing disease. :O

TwiLITE says "wha?"

Lain kisses LITE and gives him a cavity.

TwiLITE says "No. No, I don't think so."

Lain kisses TwiLITE. TwiLITE blushes deeply.

TwiLITE says "First of all, you wouldn't kiss me."

TwiLITE ...

TwiLITE says "I repeat..."

TwiLITE says "First of all, you wouldn't kiss me."

Lain kisses TwiLITE. TwiLITE woohoos!

TwiLITE says "Secondly, you can not spre.. WOULD YOU STOP THAT?!?!"

Draci cackles!

Lain rofl.

Soreth says "Whoa."

Soreth says "I have more conns than Kareila?"

Soreth says "The benefits of closing SimpleMU* when I do something else. o..O"

Kareila reconnects what, once a month maybe?

Soreth says "I can recall a time when you were never on for more than six or seven hours at a time. :)"

Soreth says "Granted, it was back when I used to steal 30-minute connections at lunch time in high school..."

Soreth says "Hell, it was back when Professor Trivial was still fun to do."

Kareila says "Ever since I started running tf out of screen, now I only disconnect when tf coredumps, screen coredumps, the machine the mux is running on crashes, or some similar act of god."

Soreth ...

Soreth says "Just after you said that, my plush Cthulhu fell on the keyboard. o..O"

Kareila says "Note I didn't capitalize god. :)"

Soreth says "Fortunately, even though he managed to strike the 'alt' key, he didn't actually hit anything else significant."

Kareila says "Give him a pat on the head and say better luck next millennium?"

Soreth grins.

Soreth says "I'll do that, I think."

Soreth says "No response. He must still be asleep."

Kareila says "Lucky for you."

Soreth says "yeah, otherwise I probably woulda lost a hand/soul."

Soreth says "And that's not an exclusive or there."

Kholnuu says "So, this one time, at MUSH camp, I gave into peer pressure and snorted some bytes of data that were corrupted."

Soreth says "I know, man, I was the guy with the hood on chanting Beatles tunes backwards."

Kholnuu gives you the mysterious hand signals.

Soreth shoots Kholnuu for making the mysterious hand signals while other people are around.

Kholnuu was signalling for you to steal third base!

Soreth says "Oh, sorry. I always get those hand signals confused."

sTiLe says "it's all fun and games until someone misunderstands a signal and kills someone."

Soreth says "Even then it's fun and games!"

Kholnuu says "It's all fun and games until there's nobody left to play with."

Kholnuu says "Then it's just time to play with y... yeah."

sTiLe loves playing with Y.

Marky sings, o/~ Because I'm easy come.. easy go.. little high.. little low! o/~

Kholnuu says "Where's that from?"

Kholnuu says "Bohemian Rhapsody, nm."

Marky says "Yes. :)"

Marky sings, o/~ If I'm not black again this time tomorrow, carry on, carry on, as if nothing really mattered... o/~

Kholnuu says "Black? o_O"

Lain says "..."

Marky says "Er."

Kholnuu grns.

Marky rubs that l out of existence.

Kholnuu says "GRINS"

Marky slips it to Kholnuu.

Khollnuu says "Argh"

Marky snickers.

Khollnuu passes the 'l' to Lain

Llain says "Great, now I'm Welsh."

Shooting Star blazes across the sky.

Shooting Star gives you a wish.

Shooting Star reaches the horizon and disappears from view.

Kistral killed Star!

Star has left.

Kistral says "....."

Kistral says "DAMMIT"

Kahmynx says "Oops. :o"

Kistral types ---> @tel *star=here

Kistral says "ALMOST got it."

Kistral says "cept it got her instead :P"

Kahmynx giggles at Kistral. Kistral wonders what's so funny?

Kistral says "I've been wanting to junk or slay that thing forever"

Kistral says "just cause it would be so funny"

Kahmynx says "Almost as classic as "@boot me" :)"

Kahmynx grins.

Lain says "I've decided that grading should, instead of going A-D then F, go B-F."

Kholnuu says "How about G-Q?"

Lain says "B for Bueno!, C for Ca Va, D for Dummkopf!, E for Enrique and F for Failure."

Kyrien ROFL

Kyrien loves 'Enrique', himself. The Enrique grade, just scraping by.

Lain would totally strive for Straight Enriques.

[Public] Vadiv waves.

[Public] Credo Qia Absurdum Est. Soreth peers at the wave, determines phi and omega values, and then mimics it with a phase shift of ninety degrees.

[Public] Vadiv says, "Look, I don't need your interference."

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