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[TF] The All-Encompassing MarkJr wonders why tf says (Lag) on the corner of the screen...

[TF] The All-Encompassing MarkJr ERPS!

[TF] Draci says, "it does?"

[TF] With Secret Weapon in hand, MarkJr hides in the corner ... it says (Log) ...

[TF] Draci roflol.

(Public) Vadal has joined this channel. What a social dork. :)

(Public) All-Around Villain Vadal says, "West SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!"

(Public) Cheech blinks.

(Public) The New And Improved Vadal scratches his west side.

(Public) Josh blinks too.

(Public) Coo Coo Ka- Vadal says, "East SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!"

(Public) EXTREE EXTREE! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Vadal scratches his east side.

(Public) King of Flirts, vote 4 Kat! (is that a flirt or WHAT?!) Vadal says, "Ahhh, much better."

(Public) Cheech scratches...wait, erm...uh...

(Public) Josh says, "Did you run out of sanity and feel too lazy to run to the store AGAIN?"

(Public) Cheech :)

(Public) An accountant waiting to happen, Vadal says, "heheh"

(Public) Josh says, "The, uh, south side? :)"

(Public) Cheech laughs.

(Public) Cheech says, "Umm, no. :)"

(Public) Smarting from his last TrillTHWACK, Vadal grins and reeeeeaches.

(Public) King of Flirts, vote 4 Kat! (is that a flirt or WHAT?!) Vadal says, "Oops, perhaps that's another "personal thing" the doctor warned me about."

(Public) Cheech says, "Crabs, son...but not the kind you find in the ocean. :P"

(Public) Cheech says, "Wait, lets not go there. :P"

(Public) Josh laughs.

(Public) Cheech shuts up now. :)

(Public) An accountant waiting to happen, Vadal says, "Crabs, heck! I've got squid!"

(Public) Only The Lonely Vadal says, "lol"

(Public) Cheech rotflhao!

(Public) Cheech says, "Red Lobster, anyone? :)"

arabella says "be nice to bacteria, it's the only culture some people get."

ChaoticMUX: arabella says, "last chance to entertain me"

ChaoticMUX: The Caustic Kareila does somersaults

ChaoticMUX: arabella says, "nonono"

ChaoticMUX: arabella tries to catch lindan in the nude form a years old pic

ChaoticMUX: Lindan says, "yes yes yes"

ChaoticMUX: The Chocolate Kareila lol, timing

ChaoticMUX: arabella laughs

ChaoticMUX: Lindan laughs

ChaoticMUX: Lindan says, "oh man :)"

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe looks around

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe says, "wow. I turn 17 tomorrow."

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe hints.

ChaoticMUX: The Curious Kareila gasps

ChaoticMUX: MarkJr hehehes :)

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe says, "a *cough* HEADWIZ *cough* flag would be real nice. ;)"

ChaoticMUX: Josh laughs.

ChaoticMUX: The Conscientious Kareila sews a big nylon flag with HEADWIZ in bright letters

ChaoticMUX: Khayman grins at Stile.

ChaoticMUX: Since you put it that way poohbear LOL

ChaoticMUX: The Cunning Kareila runs it up the flagpole and salutes

ChaoticMUX: Khayman thinks sTiLe should have a hobbit bday:) He gives the powers out to us!:)

ChaoticMUX: Chihuahua Punting Contest *Winner* poohbear lends kar bright PINK fabric

ChaoticMUX: MarkJr lols

ChaoticMUX: The Combustible Kareila says, "ooh, he'll look stunning in pink. matches his sunburn."

ChaoticMUX: Josh laughs.

ChaoticMUX: You suck! hellspawn LOL

ChaoticMUX: Escaped from New York poohbear ducks as a lemming-chip flies past his head

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe says, "heh."

ChaoticMUX: Houston, we have a problem poohbear makes a note, at 3:47 muxtime, hellspawn reentered this reality, decending from a higher level of consciousness known as the BUDDAH-idle. OHHHMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

ChaoticMUX: Darth hellspawn grins.

[Admin] hellspawn gives up for the night... Gotta work in 9 hours, and need -some- sleep.

[Admin] hellspawn might be able to function a bit more after I get home tomorrow night... Might not. :)

[Admin] Alierak might take a whack at it

[Admin] hellspawn says, "Feel free."

[Admin] sTiLe says, "whackin at your member()?"

[Admin] sTiLe shuts up now

[Admin] hellspawn laughs.

[Admin] hellspawn says, "He might try to find his match() and merge()? ;)"

[Admin] sTiLe says, "LOL"

[Admin] sTiLe says, "more like splice() to make children()"

[Admin] sTiLe says, "insert(member())"

[Admin] sTiLe says, "match(insert(member())), there."

[Admin] hellspawn says, "Then you push() until you hear a pop(), and *poof*... children()"

[Admin] sTiLe says, "LOL"

[Admin] hellspawn . o O ( Ahh... the joys of MUSH Code. ;> )

[Admin] sTiLe says, "hehehe"

[Code] Bumble says, "Okay. Hrrm."

[Code] Alierak says, "you probably want rjust"

[Code] Bumble says, "Question. Everyone knows using #@ in an iter() returns the element that it's running on. Hrrrm. Is there a way to figure out what the first/last elements in the iter are - Oh. Hee. Yeah, that'd work, Alierak. Thanks."

[Code] Kareila says, "how does he DO that?"

[Code] Alierak says, "he paged me first ;)"

[Code] The Spoof-Master MarkJr lols

[Code] KillroY laughs and could do it :)

[Code] Kareila opens up a Psychic Coders hotline and makes millions.

[Code] The Sandwich Artist MarkJr LOLS!

[Code] The Certifiably Insane MarkJr says, "Send me some!"

[Code] KillroY says, "cool :)"

[Code] Alierak says, "I'm sensing a loop... I think it's an iter..."

[Code] The Sandwich Artist MarkJr would love to call and ask why in the world his program died partway through it's 6 hour run. :P

[Public] Dave thinks that ChaoticMUX should organize a roving Caravan.

[Public] Dave says, "That could travel all around north-america for a month and pick up and travel with all the people."

[Public] Dave quits talking, now.

[Public] ** Sal says, "Yes, i concur."

[Public] David says, "I think we should take over the world."

[Public] hellspawn says, "You mean we haven't already?"

[Public] ** Sal says, "Yes, I concur."

[Public] Dave says, "And upload tinyMUX to all the minds of the occupants."

[Public] David says, "Ugh."

[Public] David says, "Let's use pennmush."

[Public] hellspawn says, "Dear god. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

[Public] Dave says, "Including you."

[Public] Dave grins.

[Public] Dave says, "Better yet. Let's upload C-64 BASIC to all the minds of the occupants."

[Public] hellspawn says, "GAH!"

[Public] David says, "We aren't talking about your worst enemy, we're talking about random people."

[Public] Dave says, "Then we could teach them: 10 PRINT "CHAOTICMUX IS GOOD" 20 GOTO 10"

[Public] ** Sal laughs!

[Public] Dave says, "We're set."

[Public] arabellybuttonium says, "and isn't it ionic...doncha's like sodiuuuuuuum...and chloride..."

[Public] Elemental, My Dear Watson, DiLithium Telluride shoots ara

[Public] sTiLe says, "LOL!"

[Public] Child of Anarchy Trillian got an A-.

[Public] The Cryptic Kareila says, "congrats, trilly."

[Public] Child of Anarchy Trillian grins. Thankee. :)

[Public] Sobe! The Drink of the Gods LITE claps for trill and smooches

[Public] Child of Anarchy Trillian blushes. :>

[Public] MarkJr craps too.

[Public] MarkJr ers, CLAPS.

[Public] (insert title here) PsychoGuy would clap but this darn strait jacket...

[Public] Child of Anarchy Trillian LoLs at Mark

[Public] Ms. Twinkie LAUGHS!

[Public] MarkJr whines. L and R aren't even near eachother!

[Public] Child of Solitude Half-Ralf lol

[Public] Sobe! The Drink of the Gods LITE says, "We don't see Crap here.. we say.. Carp :)"

[Public] Sobe! The Drink of the Gods LITE gives Trillian a Carp

[Public] Ms. Twinkie says, "Thank you Mark. That's the best laugh I've had in a long time."

[Public] Child of Solitude Half-Ralf takes a carp

[Public] MarkJr grins. Welcome Twinkie. :)

ChaoticMUX: Until there are none, adopt one! ScottyDog says, "Hm, my tummy is making weird noises. Perhaps that means I'm hungry."

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe says, "perhaps, or that alien fetus I planted in your stomach has started to grow"

ChaoticMUX: <Together We Fight> ScottyDog eeks

ChaoticMUX: I Love Beanie Babies! ScottyDog goes to get ice cream to calm the fetus.

ChaoticMUX: The Crunchy Kareila ....

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe says, "heh!"

ChaoticMUX: Not a *total* loser anymore, Half-Ralf says, "!"

ChaoticMUX: Trillian says, "Um."

ChaoticMUX: Not a *total* loser anymore, Half-Ralf reads back. "Oh!"

ChaoticMUX: Not a *total* loser anymore, Half-Ralf unidled to read "ScottyDog goes to get ice cream to calm the fetus"

ChaoticMUX: Trillian says, "Hee."

ChaoticMUX: I AM IRONMAN!!! Mr.P says, "Sometimes the hunger gets the fetus, sometiems the fetus gets you"

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe says, "this is becoming surreal."

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe looks for food for his fetus, er, stomach

ChaoticMUX: Trillian says, "Heh."

(>Public<) Super Dork!! LITE says, "I flaunt my MUX in your general direction, you silly son of a TinyTimmer!"

(>Public<) The Chocolateivorous LITE says, "I wag my +snowball at your aunties, you silly english Huh-acker!"

(>Public<) Power corrupts. Absolute power is sorta neat, though. Kolys ponders TinyTim the Scottish Enchanter.

(>Public<) Hydrologists Go With The Flow! LITE says, "HEH!"

(>Public<) Cookie Monster wannabe LITE says, "Your mother was a global and your father smells of MUSH 3.0!"

(>Public<) Planet Earth has been UNREGISTERED for 6,978,253,410.983 years. Kolys grins. We are the knights who say...... &^@%^@$@%&NO CARRIER

(>Public<) Hydrologists Go With The Flow! LITE says, "HEHEHEHE"

(>Public<) Locked out of his Watershed, LITE throws a wooden Coke bottle at Kolys

(:Public:) Trillian pees

(:Public:) Trillian says, "PEERS!"

(:Public:) Trillian says, "PEERS! Stupid keyboard!"

(:Public:) Crayon hrms?

(:Public:) The Controversial Kareila laughs

(:Public:) Trillian says, "I swear this thing has a mind of its own. :P"

(:Public:) The Clever Kareila says, "we should send you and MarkJr through a remedial course to correct toilet-training related typos"

(:Public:) Trillian snickers a little bit. "I was actually gonna do 'Trillian peers at Kareila'. Good thing I dropped the last part. =)"

(:Public:) The Crunchy Kareila says, "I'll say"

(:Public:) The Charismatic Kareila shudders :)

(:Public:) Ms. Twinkie LAUGHS!

(:Public:) Ms. Twinkie says, "I love typos."

(:Public:) Trillian says, "Yes you do. :)"

(:Public:) crysaliq says, "I thought a thought.. but the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought I thought. Now if the thought I thought I thought had been the thought I thought... I wouldn't have thought so much. Doncha think? :)"

(:Public:) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Yes"

(:Public:) The Cerebral Kareila's brain blows a fuse

(:Public:) Beep. Half-Ralf aughs!

(:Public:) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "The page will never get finished now!"

(:Public:) Got Milk? Get Cookie! LITE says, "I don't think. no."

(:Public:) The Chaotic Kareila says, "that explains a lot ;)"

(:Public:) Beep. Half-Ralf ba-dum ching!

(:Public:) Sobe! The Nectar Of The Gods! LITE nods..

(:Public:) Super Dork!! LITE says, "Yes it does..."

(:Public:) The Magickal Mystical LITE says, "waitasecond.."

(:Public:) My name is Blue Canary, One Note Spelled LITE THWACKs Kar!

(:Public:) The Coincidental Kareila giggles

Josh has the urge to filk 'Wasting Time' for his linear algebra class.

sTiLe blinks.

sTiLe says, "filk?"

Josh says, "Today the teacher started by defining, very quickly, the eigenvalue of an arbitrary matrix. Just defining it. Then he moved on to explaining, in great depth, the idea of vectors."

Josh says, "As in change the lyrics to fit something new."

sTiLe says, "uh oh."

sTiLe grins.

Josh says, "Eigenvalues are the only thing mentioned in the sections I had to read to do my hw that I didn't grasp, and he gave us way less than the book did. Thanks so very much. :P"

Josh says, "Hence I got up and left."

sTiLe grins

Josh says, "(I had the good sense to stuff my hw in the envelope at the beginning of the class despite his weak protestations of 'later' to the few students who did that.)"

sTiLe grins.

Josh says, "Uhoh, stile's activated his client's auto-grin feature, where it poses ':grins.' on whatever channel he hears stuff and then a pause. :P"

sTiLe grins.

sTiLe grins.

sTiLe grins.

sTiLe grins.

sTiLe grins.

sTiLe grins.

sTiLe says, "AW S**T."

sTiLe whaps tf.

sTiLe grins.

sTiLe grins.

sTiLe says, "augh."

Josh laughs.

sTiLe kills it.

sTiLe ......grins.

sTiLe says, "AUGH!"

sTiLe says, "it's alive."

Josh says, "The day the script ate the lemming."

sTiLe is burped up as bits of lemfur

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Oooh, ooh, I can predict the color of my comtitle!"

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Default."

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Default."

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Default."

(Chaotic Public) sTiLe says, "hehe."

(Chaotic Public) sTiLe says, "shut up. :P"

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Neat!"

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Ok"

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "bye"

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "quit"

(Chaotic Public) Beep. Half-Ralf says, "doh"

LOGIN: Half-Ralf has disconnected.

(Chaotic Public) sTiLe says, "heh"

(Chaotic Public) Assassin of Time, Draci marvels at Ralf's ability to produce that much spam with few words and still look like it wasn't really intended.

(Chaotic Public) sTiLe says, "hehehe."

ChaoticMUX: #-1 CIRCUSES ARE TOO HAPPY Kamek says, "What's a Terre Haute? =P"

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe says, "a city, dorkbrain"

ChaoticMUX: Brooks nods. Rose-Hulman is a good school.

ChaoticMUX: #-1 DOGS ARE TOO HAIRY Kamek says, "But what kind of a dumb name is Terre Haute? =P"

ChaoticMUX: The Chocolate Kareila says, "it's French for high ground"

ChaoticMUX: Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Terre Haute is Portugese for Square Poop"

ChaoticMUX: Beep. Half-Ralf says, "Oh, wait. What am I thinking."

ChaoticMUX: The Capitalized Kareila obliterates Half-Ralf

ChaoticMUX: Beep. Half-Ralf says, "lol"

ChaoticMUX: sTiLe says, "LOL!"

ChaoticMUX: #-1 TEACHERS ARE TOO D00DICAL Kamek snickers.

(Chaotic Public) Agent Dave says, "So anyways, I'm laying in bed this morning when Jenny Jones comes on. Guess what today's show topic was?"

(Chaotic Public) FREE sTiLe Stebe says, "lesbians from mars and the naboonians that love them?"

(Chaotic Public) House of Alierak says, "Internet addicts who use 'lay' instead of 'lie' and watch daytime tv in bed?"

(Chaotic Public) FREE David Stebe laffs

(Chaotic Public) Agent Dave baps Alierak. :)

(Chaotic Public) Alierak grins

(Chaotic Public) Agent Dave says, "Pretty damn close, Stebe."

(Chaotic Public) Edwin says, "Discuss the importance of letters in Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice....."

(Chaotic Public) The Competent Kareila says, "it was written in English. English has an alphabet. the alphabet is made up of 26 letters. without these letters, the book could not have been written. the end."

(Chaotic Public) EXECUTE KEVIN Stebe says, "hehe... a college essay said "If you were writing a book, what would page 237 say?" my friend simply put The End centered in the middle."

(Chaotic Public) Edwin says, "note those kinf of letters KarKar. :) Letters, you know the thing that came before E-mail where you had to write on paper and stick it in a box on your front lawn. :)"

(Chaotic Public) The Caustic Kareila says, "did he get accepted?"

(Chaotic Public) Alierak grins

(Chaotic Public) EXECUTE KEVIN Stebe nods.

(Chaotic Public) The Cotton-Pickin Kareila says, "good for him."

(Chaotic Public) The Cadbury Kareila thinks

(Chaotic Public) The Chocolate Kareila says, "you mean those things with headlines and stories?"

(Chaotic Public) The Colorful Kareila says, "and print that got all over your hands?"

(Chaotic Public) Alierak . o O ( It wouldn't say anything yet, because I'd still be working on page 158. Not only that, but I wouldn't be certain how it would get paginated by the publisher )

(Chaotic Public) DONT FREE KEVIN Stebe grins, i think it was very creative of him to do that, the college apparently agreed.

(Chaotic Public) Edwin says, "no, that a newspaper, I'm talking about the box that you only get bills and advertisements from now."

(Chaotic Public) The Conscientious Kareila says, "you mean people wrote things besides checks?"

(Chaotic Public) EXECUTE KEVIN Stebe nodsnods, my grandma actually buys stamps and uses a pen!

(Chaotic Public) Mostly Harmless, Alierak says, "I thought you put papers in a box in your front yard so they'd be picked up for recycling :)"

(Chaotic Public) Edwin nods. Cancha just Imagine?

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