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(Public) Flood LITE says, "on the 12th day of chaos, a wizzy gave to me.. 12 acro players, 11 spammy +shouters, 10 dorky admin, 9 dragons roaring, 8 confused newbies, 7 +snowballs flying, 6 full coke bottles, 5 Banaenas!!, 4 psychocoders, 3 panic buttons, 2 idlers idling and a PIXIE WITH A COOKIE!"

Brain says "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Pinky says "I think so Brain, but if the plural of mouse is mice, wouldn't the plural of spouse be spice?"

Medwyn idly wonders how one has more then one spouse unless you believe in marring more then one person. =)

Kareila says "LOL!!!"

(Chaotic Public) Kareila puts on her Mad Scientist lab coat and takes out her Chemical Set (TM), combining carefully measured amounts of 35 different chemicals with a few drops of DNA. As the liquid fizzes and foams, she pours it out on the floor, and it spreads out to take the shape of a person named Flubber.

(Chaotic Public) Flubber has joined this channel. What a social dork. :)

(Chaotic Public) Draci says, "y'know, that name fits in well with yer method of @pcreation. ;)"

(Chaotic Public) A proud member of OAIPUCT! Medwyn grins and nods

(Chaotic Public) NCT KillroY says, "eh?"

(Chaotic Public) Forever Blowing Bubbles Destiny grins

(Chaotic Public) The CrAzY Kareila LOL

(Chaotic Public) The Chaotic Kareila <--- Absent Minded Professor

(Chaotic Public) NCT KillroY ahhs :)

(Chaotic Public) A proud member of OAIPUCT! Medwyn hmms..thinks that would make a funny quote. =)

(Chaotic Public) Draci Hmms, that's two good ones recently, the one with Skye falling was funny, too.

[Mudnet] Kyieren grabs the baby powder and shakes it all over the channel

[Mudnet] Circa smacks Ky's wrists. No make a mess of mommy's home

[Mudnet] I said it - I'm a twink! KameK says, "MOMMY LIVES ON PUB, NOT ON MUDNET! =P"

[Mudnet] Circa says, "I AM MOMMY!"

[Mudnet] I said it - I'm a twink! KameK says, "LIES!"

[Mudnet] Circa says, "NO!"

(Chaotic Public) Kyieren suckles Circa's teat for nourishment.

[Mudnet] Circa says, "BEHAVE!"

(Chaotic Public) I bring the burn! Josh !

(Chaotic Public) Kyieren says, "MISCHAN!"

(Chaotic Public) Kyieren says, "OMG"

(Chaotic Public) Tomorrow's just an excuse. Circa LOL!!!

(Chaotic Public) I bring the burn! Josh says, "Oh boy, that one may need some logging..."

(Chaotic Public) While peering around, KameK peers.

(Chaotic Public) Kyieren turns beet red

(Chaotic Public) In a galaxy full of nobodies Circa laffs REALLY hard

Josh's stomach growls at him. "Grr... the smell of chicken is killin' me..."

Sizzle sizzle.



Yes. Blam.

Why blam?

Whoever sizzled at me needed to be shot.

I see

A Nospoof Moment(tm)

Josh laughs.

Nissa grins.

arabella says "One of the main causes of the fall of the Roman Empire was that, lacking zero, they had no way to indicate successful termination of their C programs."

Kareila says "I thought their civilization collapsed when they encountered the dreaded Y0K bug."

poohbear boggles at ara

Alierak rotfl

poohbear faints again

hellspawn snickers.

[Code] Alierak notes that reverse(foo%rbar%rbaz) is fun to look at :)

[Code] The Psycho Coder Kareila says, "Zab! Rab! Oof."

[Code] Simply learning, Khayman laughs.

[Code] The Psycho Coder Kareila says, "if we ever get another computer we should name it zabraboof :)"

[Code] Alierak dunnos

[Code] The Psycho Coder Kareila says, "we could use it to run XUMcitoahC"

[Code] Simply learning, Khayman grins... "Meep.:)

[Code] Alierak says, "where you'd have to type OHW to see who's on?"

[Code] The Psycho Coder Kareila says, "and I would be you and you would be me."

[Code] Simply learning, Khayman says, "SO the Machine that runs ChaoticMUX is called foobarbaz?"

[Code] Alierak says, "having to type commands backwards would be a real challenge"

[Code] Simply learning, Khayman would be Namyahk

[Code] The Psycho Coder Kareila nods to Khayman, is

poohbear says "i hear tf is buggie? that tru?"

Kareila says "no, tf RULES"

Kareila says "but the windoze port is problematic"

poohbear ughs

Kareila says "it works okay considering it wasn't written for windoze, it's a unix client"

poohbear says "problematic, as in crashes?"

Kareila says "no, it's the display that has problems, apparently the screen doesn't always refresh."

Kareila says "the thing about tf is that it's really powerful, you can make it do just about anything. the problem is figuring out how to make it do what you want to. :)"

poohbear says "ahhh, so its kind of like a girlfriend!"

poohbear says "heeheehee"

Kareila says "oooooooooooooh you"

Kareila pinches poohbear. poohbear yelps!

poohbear LOL

Annoyance: Phantasm blathers, "Yo?"

From the Birdhouse in his Soul, LITE bawls, "Yo! Yo! it's a yo yo ball!"

Attention: Aldar vociferates, "mmm, yoyo ball"

From the Birdhouse in his Soul, LITE hypnotises Aldar with a yoyo ball.. whilst Aldar is hypnotised, LITE steals all of Aldar's power and flies away, laughing

LOGIN: Aldar has disconnected.

From the Birdhouse in his Soul, LITE squawks, "wow... that worked better than I thought!"

Draci has connected.

Aldar says "hi draci"

Draci says "oops."

Aldar says "oops is right. you crashed the mux."

Aldar says "j/k :)"

Draci grins.

---- World (unnamed5) ----

% Connection to Chaotic closed by foreign host.

% Connection to Chaotic failed: nonblocking connect: Connection refused

MarkJr ughs...Chaotic just went down :(

Draci says "Well, speak o' the Enigma! Chaotic crashed after Aldar accused me of crashing it (as a joke)!"

Draci roflol, maybe I should send this off to Kar.

(Chaotic Public) The CrAzY CoKar-Cola says, "all right, who's the wise guy?"

(Chaotic Public) Ray of LITE says, "Some call me wise..."

(Chaotic Public) stupid TINY idiotic LEMMINGS explode when sTiLe says, "others call u smart arsed?"

(Chaotic Public) It's Closing Time and LITE says, "Then again, some call me cute so it shows what they know.."

(Chaotic Public) (>;<) Medwyn grins.

(Chaotic Public) Cookie Monster wannabe LITE says, "Well I'll give ye a hint.. it was either, sTiLe, Rak, Soreth or me =)"

(Chaotic Public) stupid TINY idiotic LEMMINGS explode when sTiLe says, "weren't moi"

(Chaotic Public) Mostly harmless, Alierak says, "it could've been Kar, you know"

(Chaotic Public) Cookie Monster wannabe LITE says, "herm.. COULD have been... trying to blame it on us.."

(Chaotic Public) The Warped Wiz! BudLITE says, "what a naughty wench you are.."

(Chaotic Public) The Coconut CoKar-Cola says, "yep :)"

(Chaotic Public) While cuddling the *CUTE* LITE, Medwyn hehe's

(Chaotic Public) stupid TINY idiotic LEMMINGS explode when sTiLe says, "hehe"

(Chaotic Public) While cuddling the *CUTE* LITE, Medwyn rotfl

(Chaotic Public) Trouble Maker BudLITE says, "NOT CUTE..."

(Chaotic Public) The Magickal Mystical BudLITE says, "Oi!"

(Chaotic Public) The Cackling CoKar-Cola says, "gotcha back!"

Kareila rummages around in her Chemical Set (TM) and pulls out a half-liter of hydrofluoric acid! She pours it over Fri Feb 5 19:08:12 1999, and it melts, making a nasty sizzling noise.

You get back your 10 wish deposit for [time()](#9491).

Draci says "Ack! She ruined my day!"

Kareila says "DOH"

Alierak giggles

Draci rofl

Announcement: Annoyed shouts "whoever set their alias to 'Aldar' put it back"

Josh says "It's ralf"

Ralf heheheheh

Ralf changed it back

Aldar has a good mind to whip his Dark Grey Cube out

Josh notes that he didn't do anything. :P

Aldar turns his cube over in his hand

Aldar says "Hey ralf"

Aldar says "do you know the power of the CUBE?"

Ralf says "The CUBE?"

Aldar says "yes, the CUBE"

Ralf doesnt know the power of the CUBE.

Alierak says "the power of the CUBE is three. Three shall be the power of the CUBE, not four nor two. Five is right out..."


Aldar garghs

(Public) Kirielle's Personal Zenty searches rak's brain some more... Oh, I found the logic center!

(Public) Mostly harmless, Alierak says, "hey, are you sure you're still in the brain there, Zenty?"

(Public) The Coderwench Kareila says, "LOL!!!"

(Public) Draci lol

(Public) Kirielle's Personal Zenty screams and goes back to Kar's head

(Public) Josh giggles.

(Public) Kirielle's Personal Zenty says, "Atleast if i'm anywhere but her head, i'm still in something female"

(Public) The Caffeinated Kareila says, "... still?"

(Public) The Noir Prophet says, "Eew."

arabella sings, "i'm a dragon and i'm okay, i stomp around and ogle maidens all day!"

(Public) The All-Kewl Nissa goes idle for a little bit.

(Public) Something to Someone Shinobi sobs brokenly

(Public) The All-Kewl Nissa hands Shinobi some super glue. :)

(Public) Something to Someone Shinobi sobs repairedly

Alierak says "knock knock"

Kareila says "who's there?"

Alierak says "pub"

Kareila says "AUGH"

Katchoo laughs

Medwyn laughs and groans..

Kareila smack smack smack

Alierak would have had to emit the listing if anyone had fallen for it

Kareila says "Oh, I'm waiting for the dinner bell to do the bell thing.. dinner bell, dinner bell ring."

MarkJr ers? Lol

Trillian drools.

Kareila dances

ClouD rings the dinner bell #-1 FUNCTION (BEEP) EXPECTS 0 ARGUMENTS

MarkJr lols

ClouD says "Doh!"

ClouD rings the dinner bell #-1 PERMISSION DENIED

Trillian laughs

ClouD Grr

Kareila giggles

MarkJr lols!

(>Public<) trouble maker lite sez, "testing"

(>Public<) the undulating lite woohooz

(>Public<) khaotikmux'z offycyal typo lite sez, "i'm just a kute li'l dragon... roar!"

(>Public<) The Curious Kareila falls out of her chair

(>Public<) Lemming Alert! Escape Plan Alpha! poohbear LOL

(>Public<) ray of lite lololol

(>Public<) The Meddy Medwyn hehehe's

(>Public<) Thbptb! poohbear holds up the quote sign

(>Public<) my name iz blue kanary, one note spelled lite sez, "what other kind of speechmod'z do we have?"

(>Public<) Kalidor says, "is it just me or have you ALL had way to much coke today"

(>Public<) knowing the way, lite sez, "no! koke bad! evil!"

(>Public<) With Secret Weapon in hand, MarkJr ehs??!?! COKE BAD!!!! NO WAY!

(>Public<) The Meddy Medwyn says, "Coke Good! Good good good! Come to the coke side..=)"

(>Public<) khaotikmux'z offycial typo lite sez, "yez.. quote me.. quote me pretendink to be ara (="

(>Public<) the magykal mystykal lite sez, "nooo.. pepsi iz da bomb"

(>Public<) #-1 GIMME COOKIE! LITE says, "I am LITE. LITE I am. Would you like a Leg o' Lamb?"

(>Public<) stupid TINY idiotic LEMMINGS explode when sTiLe says, "no."

(>Public<) The honorable (yeah right!) hellspawn says, "How about a can o' spam?"

(>Public<) Gotta Love Me! LITE says, "I would not like a Leg o' Lamb. I do not eat them, LITE I am. I do not eat white meat or red.. I do not eat them, NO! I said!"

(>Public<) AcroPhobia Champ! LITE says, "Would you could you with ol' stile? Eat them, they will make you smile.."

(>Public<) The Anti-Spice Izzy says, "Would you could you in Japan, eating with Godzilla and Rodan?"

(>Public<) The Undulating LITE says, "Would you could you with some Coke. Even tho you just might choke?"

(>Public<) stupid TINY idiotic LEMMINGS explode when sTiLe says, "I would not like them, Spam I am, I wouldn't like them worth a damn!"

(>Public<) The Undulating LITE says, "You dork, you dork.. it isn't pork! It's good for you and tastes like cork!"

(>Public<) stupid TINY idiotic LEMMINGS explode when sTiLe says, "I do not like coke, LITE you are, I do not like it, not by far!"

(>Public<) Trouble Maker LITE says, "Would you like it in a can, Try it, Try it, You Wo-Man ;)"

(>Public<) stupid TINY idiotic LEMMINGS explode when sTiLe says, "I am no Wo-man, mr. Can, I am tiny lemmo-man!"

(>Public<) It's been One Week since LITE says, "It is true.. my lips are loose.. I'm spouting out Fake Dr. Seuss"

(>Public<) Live from the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City, it's hellspawn stomps on sTiLe

(>Public<) stupid TINY idiotic LEMMINGS explode when sTiLe says, "Please don't squish me, spawn of hell, it makes me feel a bit unwell!"

(>Public<) Live from the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City, it's hellspawn says, "HEH"

sTiLe says "which reminds me, rak, I want fourd :) if you know where it is"

Alierak says "it's on zip disk"

sTiLe says "oh yeah."

Draci says "fourd?"

sTiLe says "a hypercube displayer"

sTiLe says "actually, fived, 6d, whateverd, afaik"

Draci wonders what purpose a 'four' daemon wou--oh.

sTiLe whaps draci

sTiLe says "spews 4's all over :P"

Josh laughs.

Draci says "seriously, that's what came to mind."

44      4 4    4

sTiLe uh ohs.

sTiLe says "rak, kill it!"

kill -4 fourd

Draci says "whyfour?"

Alierak pfffts

4a 4u 4g 4h 4!

Draci says "just apply the fourier transform to it, it'll run away."

Alierak says "aieee!"

Josh writhes.

44  44
44  44

Josh says "EEEEEK!"

sTiLe aughs

Draci ROFL

sTiLe ughs at the fourier transform

sTiLe says "this is getting punny."

Draci says "okay, it transfourmed, just not how expected."

Josh says "Oh, four cryin' out loud..."

sTiLe AUGH!@!!

sTiLe smushes josh

Draci says "help, I can't breathe.."

Josh can't either.

sTiLe hehehe

//Chaotic\\ Mastering The Schwartz, LITE says, "Istanbul was constantinople.. NOW it's Istanbul not Constantinople.. been a like time gone.. Constantinople.."

//Chaotic\\ The Contemporary Kareila says, "long time"

//Chaotic\\ The Coder Dude MarkJr nods. LONG :_)

//Chaotic\\ ChaoticMUX's Official Typo LITE says, "that's what I meant"

//Chaotic\\ The Coder Dude MarkJr replaces his nose. :)

//Chaotic\\ The Coder Dude MarkJr puts it back again. :-)

//Chaotic\\ It's Closing Time and LITE steals MarkJr's nose and runs off

//Chaotic\\ Once I was The King of Spain, now LITE laughs evilly =-D

//Chaotic\\ The Coder Dude MarkJr steal's LITE's LITE and makes him FAT :P

//Chaotic\\ Trouble Maker FAT falls to the ground with a low *thud*

//Chaotic\\ The Spoof-Master MarkJr LOLS!

//Chaotic\\ The Magickal Mystical FAT steals MarkJr's Marker and makes him PencilJr

//Chaotic\\ The Spoof-Master PencilJr BAAAAAHS!

//Chaotic\\ Draci eyes this window and roflols.

//Chaotic\\ The Coder Dude PencilJr pokes Draci, who becomes icarD!

//Chaotic\\ With Secret Weapon in hand, PencilJr ehs, PicarD!

//Chaotic\\ It's been One Week since FAT says, "Bacardi!"

//Chaotic\\ The All-Encompassing PencilJr LOLs!

//Chaotic\\ Tinkerer! sTiLe says, "meep, my hubby fell over"

//Chaotic\\ +bbread 2/34 : +bbread 2/35 : MarkJr ...?

//Chaotic\\ I broke it because it wouldn't shut off. Kirielle blinks

//Chaotic\\ Never trust anybody't be trusted Zero Cool says, "doh"

//Chaotic\\ (burma shave) sTiLe says, "the name they call my ethernet hub. Hubby."

//Chaotic\\ +bbread 2/34 : +bbread 2/35 : MarkJr lols!

//Chaotic\\ Vote sTiLe says, "it fell over. It's a standup little thing. kinda cute. :)"

//Chaotic\\ Mostly Harmless, Alierak says, "uh, sure, sTiLe :)"

//Chaotic\\ sTiLe sTiLe says, "the actual name on the box is hubby!!!"

//Chaotic\\ for sTiLe is NOT kidding.

//Chaotic\\ +bbread 2/34 : +bbread 2/35 : MarkJr roflol...

//Chaotic\\ Draci lol!

//Chaotic\\ Tinkerer! sTiLe says, "and it stands up :)"

//Chaotic\\ Mostly Harmless, Alierak bets they named it that just to get you laughed at :)

//Chaotic\\ (burma shave) sTiLe nods!

//Chaotic\\ +bbread 2/34 : +bbread 2/35 : MarkJr can see the manual now: (Ed. Note: Name on device just to get sTiLe laughed at)

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